Our book entitled “A primer of the Zeta Race” (2013), by William Treurniet and Paul Hamden, discusses interviews with extraterrestrial (ET) races, primarily members of one facet of the Zeta race. The interviews revealed much about the ETs, including some of their history, philosophy, science, and technology.

The book introduced difficult concepts in the ET science that are very different from what we ‘know’ to be true. According to contemporary human science, our experiences originate from a universe of matter and energy. We accept that the universe began as a huge explosion of matter long ago. From then on, the laws of physics determined how energy and matter interact and how material forms evolve over time. We also accept that consciousness emerged from sufficiently complex structures of biological matter we call brains. However, from the ET perspective, consciousness preceded matter and created all things, including the beginning of our matter universe and our brains that interface with consciousness rather than create it.

This article summarizes and tries to clarify some of the complex information presented in the book. Fundamental concepts required by the ET science are explained, such as the role of consciousness in an energetic universe. The process of materialization seen in physical mediumship demonstrations is explained, as well as the ETs’ understanding of time. Also, to understand the ET cosmology, the method for constructing a hologram is described.

Most of the summary is written in the author’s own words, but the important points can be supported by direct quotes from the ETs. For example, the information on materialization heavily paraphrases statements from interviews that focussed on that subject. The article also synthesizes a model of creation based on the analogy of the hologram. Elements in the making of a hologram were replaced with concepts obtained or inferred from statements made by the ETs in other contexts. The resulting model is illuminating, but its validity depends on the applicability of the hologram analogy.

Frequency space

We are accustomed to framing our perceptions in a three-dimensional space. A cup sitting on a table appears to have an existence that is independent of the consciousness that perceives it. We believe that all material constructs are formed from smaller particles of matter. The current big bang theory of cosmology holds that the smallest particles and the space they occupy exploded into being when the universe came into existence. What came before is entirely unknown. Apparently, our 3D space emerged suddenly and mysteriously from a dimensionless point. The ET perspective pushes back this barrier to our knowledge and gives us the tools to understand other mysterious phenomena that are often misinterpreted, ignored or rejected by our science.

The ET science does not necessarily contradict all human ideas about how the matter universe began. However, some of what we think we know would need to be reinterpreted in the larger context. The ETs say that the universe, including matter, is a particular configuration of an energetic environment characterized by frequency – a frequency space. According to them, the timeless frequency space still underlies the universe as it exists today.

Some people will find the concept of frequency space difficult to grasp since we are accustomed to everything existing in a space that has length, width, and depth. Frequency space is non-spatial in that sense and the only variable it has is frequency. It holds the energy of consciousness which vibrates at all possible frequencies. These frequencies of consciousness are fundamental to the process of creation by an entity’s thoughts.

A thought of an entity is defined as interactions among particular frequencies, resulting in an interference pattern or distortion in the energy of consciousness. The distortions are said to be realized in a multidimensional grid. This means that the one-dimensional frequency space has configured itself into a second-order grid framework that has multiple dimensions. The ET suggested the analogy of a space-filling grid in our 3D space as a visual aid to help us understand.

Our physical universe developed in frequency space as an act of creation by a consciousness. We recognize this act as the big bang event, when matter and space/time burst into physical existence. The 3D domain we perceive is a direct consequence of particular resonations in the underlying frequency space. These resonations are created by consciousness to form the fundamental particles that constitute matter in the physical universe. The properties of these particles determine the laws of attraction and repulsion that describe how matter interacts in predictable ways. Without the consciousness that makes and interprets the resonations in frequency space, the forms we experience would not exist. In that sense, all is illusion.

Life is harboured in many places in the physical universe, and its behaviours are constrained by the physical laws defined at creation. But life also exists as conscious energy in other non-physical, energetic realms that we typically do not recognize. As demonstrated by the ETs interviewed in the book, some entities are able to function consciously in both the physical and energetic realms. Yet all forms of existence are defined in frequency space or consciousness.

While all things are a property of the original source energy in frequency space, there is a class or configuration of the energy that is self-aware. This special configuration forms what we understand as the soul. Its self-awareness distinguishes it from all other distortions of consciousness in frequency space. Since it is self-aware, this class of consciousness may act on and observe itself.

The soul’s purpose is to strive “for experience, comparison”. For that reason, it consists of multiple fragments of consciousness having separate existences. Each fragment is unaware of the others, and this allows the soul to accumulate many independent experiences. In the human experience, a soul fragment is called a spirit which can incarnate in a physical body. The spirit consciousness is integrated with the physical body by an energetic or etheric body acting as intermediary.

The details of creation help us to understand that we are each a part of everything else in frequency space. Each one of us is a resonation that conjoins with the resonations of the created environment around us. (For the ET, to conjoin means “that it is in resonation, so if two entities are to come together, two different frequencies, then the frequencies of the two entities must change so they can be conjoined and resonate together… one must reduce, the other must increase… until they are in harmony together.”) Therefore, when we change our perceptions of where we are, we also change who we are.

The process of creation

During the interviews, an ET did his best to convey in words the nature of the energetic environment. He explained that our understanding of objects and their separation in space is an illusion created by consciousness. All perceptions arise directly from particular configurations of consciousness, like perceiving a colour or taste associated with a particular physical stimulus. A stream of thoughts is experienced when consciousness continuously reconfigures itself in frequency space.

The ET explained that objects are ultimately differentiated in terms of frequency, energy, and resonation. These terms were used repeatedly in answers to various questions. Eventually, an image coalesced of a process analogous to the making of a hologram. This insight was reinforced by the concept of frequency space. These ideas provided the tools for understanding the process of creation in the energetic realms.

With human technology, a simple hologram can be made with laser light, mirrors, and a transparent photographic plate covered with a light-sensitive material. When the apparatus is properly configured, the light creates an interference pattern on the photographic plate that represents objects in the room. Figure 1a shows a coherent beam of light split by a half-silvered mirror into two beams. Half of the original beam’s energy illuminates the object of interest while the other half is a reference beam directed with a mirror to a photographic plate. The reference beam combines with the light reflected from the object to form an interference pattern on the photographic plate.


Figure 1a. Creation of a hologram.


Figure 1b shows how the object is reconstructed for a viewer looking through the developed photographic plate illuminated by the same reference beam. An image of the original object is reconstructed from the information in the interference pattern, and the object appears to the viewer in three dimensions. It will not appear if the reference beam has a frequency that differs from the original.


Figure 1b. Viewing a hologram.


The interviews with the ET suggested that the holographic technique could be generalized to a model of the creation process in which an entity, or soul fragment, causes an object to be perceived merely by initiating the intent in the form of a thought. The intent forms “the energy required to perform a function”. Figure 2a outlines the process. The intent to create a particular object modulates a reference frequency selected from the ‘level of consciousness’ scale. This scale represents the frequency dimension in frequency space. The original and modulated reference signals are summed to form a distortion in the grid in frequency space. This distortion is analogous to the exposed photographic plate containing the hologram representation in Figure 1a.


Figure 2a. Encoding an intention as a distortion in the grid.


To experience the thought that originally created the distortion, an entity would decode the pattern using the reference frequency that created it (Figure 2b). This process is analogous to viewing the hologram in Figure 1b.


Figure 2b. Decoding a distortion in the grid.


According to the ET, “Each time you act in a loving way towards each other, you are raising your vibration.” This comment relates higher frequencies to emotions like love and compassion, and implies that lower frequencies are related to emotional states lacking love such as fear and hate. A being’s ability to love is coupled with the highest possible frequency it can use to create with intent. The state of either attribute defines a being’s level of consciousness. The ETs refer to it as a being’s state of existence.

As with the hologram analogy, a being cannot experience an existing distortion of consciousness if it does not have access to the reference frequency used to create it. It follows that beings without love cannot intrude on the experiences of more loving beings who create with higher frequencies. On the other hand, when a being becomes more loving and gains access to higher frequencies, it does not lose access to the lower frequencies. We are told that “people seek insight and expanded consciousness”, and so we understand that the range of available frequencies is expanded rather than shifted.

The creation process appears to be designed so that environments created by loving and compassionate beings cannot be invaded by fearful, aggressive or generally egotistical beings. However, a loving being can enter a realm populated by less loving beings.The wisdom of this design should be apparent.

In our physical realm, it is not immediately evident that this principle applies. The reason may be that humans are born having a relatively low level of consciousness that cannot perceive the creations of a higher level consciousness. Survival of the physical body is a strong motivator in a human’s life, and this goal is often achieved by placing the needs of self over others. Also, given the current widespread materialistic world view, humans may not be able to form the proper intent required to create, although it has happened on a small scale (e.g., McTaggart, 2007). Anomalous creative acts on a larger scale that have been reported (e.g., Talbot, 1991) may be due to the occasional development by a human of a higher level of consciousness.


Several interviews with the ETs examined how matter such as ectoplasm and apports are made to appear in physical mediumship séances. Ectoplasm is a fabric-like material that is secreted from the orifices of a medium. It can configure itself into complex shapes, and it quickly disappears at the end of the séance. An apport is a material object that appears out of thin air and has all the properties of a natural or manufactured object. The apport persists after the séance is over. We learned that creating matter in our physical realm is more complex than creating in the energetic realm with the holographic process described above.

All physical matter must be represented ultimately as distortions of consciousness in frequency space since this is the foundation of all that is. The distortions underlying matter can be created and experienced in the energetic realms by entities with the appropriate level of consciousness. For example, people having an out-of-body experience say they see a world that is almost like the familiar physical world, but more malleable. What they see are energetic bodies that may have been templates for creating a particular structure in the physical realm.

The template holds the information about the physical composition and form of the object to be materialized. The particles of matter required to fill a template for the formation of ectoplasm are obtained from the body of the medium if available. In particular, water in the body is decomposed so that the hydrogen and oxygen ions can be rearranged into a more complex molecular structure. A possible material for ectoplasm made via this process is cellulose. It’s molecules would be formed from the oxygen and hydrogen ions, and the carbon required would be extracted from the medium’s body as well, or created.

All the required elements for forming ectoplasm or an apport may not be present in sufficient quantities in the medium’s body. For example, some apports are made of relatively large amounts of copper, zinc, or other metals. If the required elements are not locally available, they are created as needed. Consciousness does this by drawing together particles of fine matter that exist beyond our world of gross matter. We learned from the ETs that matter has a spectrum of granularity, and we are normally aware of only the coarsest end of the spectrum. The fine matter is made to coalesce into gross matter such as atoms according to the specifications in the template.

An apport persists after a séance ends because its energetic body persists. It is an exact copy of the energetic body of an already existing physical object, and it seems to be permanent for that reason. Ectoplasm, on the other hand, dissipates at the end of the séance precisely because its energetic body fails to persist. The energetic body of ectoplasm is constructed and maintained by a spirit entity during the séance, so it disappears after the spirit departs and the associated physical material loses its integrity.

We have seen that the materialization process in the séance room involves the rearrangement of existing matter taken from the medium’s body. It can also require the creation of new coarse matter. This is described as a drawing together of fine matter by consciousness. It is tempting to generalize this to the creation process that might have occurred at the time of an event like the big bang.

According to the big bang cosmological model, the initial energy from the eruption was converted to subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons, and these formed simple molecules like hydrogen, helium and lithium. One can imagine energetic templates defining those subatomic particles and molecular structures. Such templates, created by consciousness as distortions in frequency space, would specify the desired properties of matter and facilitate the formation of coarse matter from finer matter.

The ET was asked how the finer matter originated. He replied that “they have always existed as part of the fabric of this universe.” He added, “Consciousness holding itself into conscious states creates matter”, suggesting that fine matter, like an energetic body, arises from distortions or “conscious states” in frequency space. Also, “As a consciousness would bring to itself finer matter, it creates a process of materialization.” That is, fine matter brought into being as a “conscious state” would be further acted upon by consciousness to form coarse matter. Finally, consciousness “intermingles with the finer physicality, drawing to itself the molecules of the process.” This act of consciousness would appear to be the creation of certain energetic templates in frequency space. These would be designed to encourage existing finer matter to organize into structures of coarse matter.

The entity who created the physical realm via its intentions must have a higher level of consciousness than a spirit in human form. It created configurations in frequency space that we can modify very little using only our conscious intent. Our limited ability to do so suggests that we do not have easy access to the higher reference frequency used by the entity. Since the frequency dimension correlates directly with level of consciousness, it follows that it is a more loving entity than we are.

The experience of time

The ETs’ experience of time is living in the “now”. They are unable to deal with having to measure intervals of linear time as we do. They say that “time is a reference point, not a continuum”, meaning that they have expectations based on what is currently happening. For them ,“the process of existence is each task is completed and then the next task is moved on to”. Their temporal experience consists of observing a sequence of events.

The ET finds our rigid measurement of time to be helpful for maintaining telepathic contact with the medium. He says time is elastic, and connecting to our timeline is a “malleable” process. He prefers to have a ticking clock in the séance room for better control of the connection. The ticking of a clock “creates a permanent connection telepathically to the medium back to ourselves, and so each interval of second is used as a pulse from this room to where we are”. The ticking clock synchronizes his more flexible subjective experience of the “now” with our linear timeline.

As part of the creation process, an unlimited number of asynchronous timelines of unlimited duration came into being to allow physical experiences. Each timeline instantiates a version of “you” at the moment of birth. From then on, the rate at which time passes may vary across timelines depending on “the frequency and consciousness that you are able to achieve in each of those existences”.

Because the rates are not constant, a person’s experiences across timelines are usually different. But two different timelines can become similar temporarily. The person on the lagging timeline may become aware of events on the other timeline and sense that an experience has already happened. We know it as the déjà vu experience. This is possible because one’s higher consciousness remains whole and is aware of all timelines. Normally, the awareness of a local consciousness on a given timeline filters out events happening on other timelines, so they remain independent experiences.

The ET revealed that they are able to add events to a human’s timeline. What we experience is created in the future, so they can prepare additional events “by the pure thought process”, or intent. When that point in the timeline arrives, “the manifestation is then realized”. However, this is not done lightly. It must have the permission of the affected persons, and it is supervised closely by a responsible entity, or overseer.

His comment that “what you see now is created in the future” has interesting implications for the reincarnation process. Before a spirit incarnates in a physical form, it chooses to have certain kinds of experiences. The comment implies that the broad strokes for this chosen life are prepared in advance as a sequence of frequency space configurations to be played out in the timelines. In that sense, the future already exists for the newly incarnated spirit.

The ET explains that a physical being “has freewill up to a certain point, and then freewill no longer exists”. A lack of freewill would certainly be the case if the future is predetermined. But some freewill remains if a person can still freely make relatively minor choices in the context of a prepared timeline. These choices add details that differ across the multiple timelines as life progresses. The added variations increase the experience gained during the lifetime, and the comparisons that can be made when it is over.


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