Andromeda Council: Molecular & Cellular Transformation to a 4D Earth

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, Med

This is the 3rd article in a series of articles on information of the Andromeda Council, a reported galactic governance council composed of selected star system representatives that carry out governance and development functions in a selected areas of our populated and organized galaxy and universe.

ED. NOTE: CAVEAT LECTOR – The opinions expressed in this article by interviewees are solely those of the interviewees and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of this reporter or Thank you.

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre released Sept. 30, 2011 a self-described representative of the Andromeda Council, a reported galactic governance council whose membership consists of star systems and includes representation from the galactic governance council of our Milky Way Galaxy, discussed the purported timing and nature of a transformation via dimensional shift of our Sol solar system from a 3rd dimension to a 4th dimensional state, along with key aspects of life on a 4th dimensional Earth.

Timing of shift to 4th dimensional Earth

Addressing the reported timing of this dimensional shift, the Andromeda Council representative stated that the process of our solar system’s and Earth’s transformation via dimensional shift is scheduled to accelerate starting in mid-October 2011, and be completed by January 2014.

Key aspects of life on 4th dimensional Earth

Regarding the specific key aspects of life on 4th dimensional Earth, the Andromeda Council representative stated,  “Again, the most important thing to realize is that this coming transformation, this transition, from 3D human to 4D human will be smooth, ‘seamless’, painless. Again, there is no death involved. This experience will be a simple transformation of cellular structure from the slower, denser, heavier, existing 3D vibratory rate you have today, to a higher, faster 4D vibratory rate. You will have a body that is taller, literally lighter in terms of mass, weight & density, and lighter in terms of being infused with light.

“Keep in mind, your body’s molecular cellular structure will change. Think crystal based molecules. Your 4D body, the cellular structure of your new 4D body, will be based on crystalline molecules. Your existing 3D cell walls will transmute into being crystalline based. Within the center of each cell, it will be full of light. Earth people, your 4D bodies will really be very translucent.”

About the Andromeda Council

Information as to what the Andromeda Council is and who Tolec (a reported Earth human representative of the Council) is can be found by clicking below.

Watch ExopoliticsTV interview with reported Andromeda Council representative

Readers can watch exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview with reported Andromeda Council representative embedded above in the article or at the following URL.


Transformation to a 4th dimensional Earth

In his ExopoliticsTV interview Tolec discusses key aspects of the transformation to a 4th dimensional Earth.  A written summary of this transformation, according to the reported Andromeda Council, is below.

FAQ: Molecular & Cellular transformation to a 4th Dimensional Earth Life



3D – 3rd dimension
4D – 4th dimension
5D – 5th dimension

“QUESTION 1. Tolec, you’ve said the people you communicate with on the primary biosphere where many of the Andromeda Council meetings are held – that they are “excited” about our solar system & our planet’s migration into the 4th dimension. Why are they so excited about this change we are about to experience?

“ANSWER: First off, please understand, these original 5,000, now 50,000+ crew members, & their families, on this biosphere, and on the other biospheres, they’ve traveled a long way to help Earth with this coming shift. They are excited to be here & to help. And, up until recently it’s been a very challenging, difficult time because first they had to win a very hard war in space against an alliance of Orion Greys, Hydra, & Alpha Draconis Reptilians. Which they’ve done.

“And in the cleanup process down on Earth, various affiliated Andromeda Council races, especially those from Procyon, used highly focused sonic energy beams to bust-up & collapse underground bases including the ones around your nation’s capital leading up to the hills in Virginia, ones in Colorado, and northern New Mexico. Again, these were highly focused, pinpointed, sonic energy beam blasts meant to cripple the tunnel systems & underground bases where the Greys & Reptilians have been hiding. They had been warned many, many times to leave, and didn’t. So, a positive intervention. My contacts called these tunnels & base a “lattice network”. They’re destroyed, collapsed & inoperable… and closed off. These were not nuclear blasts. They said, and I quote: “ we would never used nuclear weapons, we don’t need to. We are far beyond this kind of technology. Moreover, use of nuclear weapons would absolutely endanger the lives of the people on the planet surface. And, even worse, nuclear radiation is poisonous to all humans, to all life on Earth. These were not nuclear weapons but highly focused, pin-pointed, sonic energy beam blasts.”

“The Andromeda Council’s goal is to eliminate as many of these remaining ‘rats under the wood pile’ as soon as possible… before your migration & complete immersion into the 4th dimensional area of space. As I’ve mentioned, we are about 90-92% complete in the wrapping up of the ‘cleanup’ phase of the last holdouts of these Grey & Reptilian menaces here on Earth.

“So, back to the shift. Comparatively, this coming shift is nothing like anyone has experienced in a long, long, long time. A lot of things are happening with your solar system, all at once, which we are paying close attention to. And, this transformation you are about to experience is totally different because a whole solar system, your planet & its people get to become 4th dimensional human beings without having to “die”. Now, let me explain. From time memorial, normally humans on 3D planets like Earth get to live long or short lives, to have whatever overall learning experiences are best needed for their souls. When they die, rather when their bodies die their original birth spiritual essence, their soul, usually goes off planet for a while & decides, chooses, where it will incarnate next. Another 3D world like Earth, or Earth again. Or, if they feel they’ve really learned as much as they can over the course of many 3D lifetimes they can choose instead to migrate & live their lives in the 4th dimension on any number of 4D worlds. Or they can go back to their original 4D home world. This is the norm.

“Again, in the case of this coming shift, this transformation of your solar system and planet no one, nobody’s 3D body has to die to become a 4th dimensional human.


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