Mars active industrial site located by remote viewing, JPL photos, corroborating Mars whistleblowers


An apparent active industrial site on the surface of Mars with a “large nozzle shooting a liquid spray” onto an apparent industrial waste area has been successfully located and explored in a remote viewing study conducted by the Farsight Institute in March 2010 using nine highly trained remote viewers and methodologies developed by the U.S. military. 

According to the Farsight Institute, the original discovery of the active industrial site and giant nozzle spray “was made by [Mars anomaly researcher] Patrick Skipper” from photographs of the site taken by Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL).

Reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre attended a July 6, 2010 Montreal presentation of the results Mars remote viewing study by Dr. Courtney Brown, and the following is based on his notes.

During the presentation, Dr. Brown indicated that tentative results of the study, based on high clarity scores of the remote viewing sessions, included the following:

•    A large dome at the site is an artificial structure;

•    Tunnels connect various chambers at the site;

•    The original builders of the site were ancient;

•    Current occupants of the site do not understand its original technology;

•    The level of the original technology is high;

•    There is a shortage of spare parts at the site;

•    The site may be used for power or energy generation;

•    There are intense flashing lights at the site;

•    There is a sense of despondency among the occupants of the site;

•    There is a laboratory setting at the site, occupants wear uniforms, and there are more men than women;

•    The site occupants view this as a hardship post;

•    The site occupants cannot return home and knew that when they accepted;

•    There is No ET (extraterrestrial) content detected at the site;

•    The occupants at the site could be human;

•    The occupants of the site are of unknown origin;

•    The site may be a black budget operation.

•    The remote viewing interpretations of the site may be a decoding error.

Corroboration of Mars whistleblowers 

As discussed in this article, the results of this independent remote viewing study of the Figure A Mars active industrial site appears to provide corroboration of eyewitness testimony given to reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre by whistleblowers who have visited or been stationed at secret, black budget installations. 

Dr. Courtney Brown indicated to Alfred Lambremont Webre that he was unaware of the testimony of these independent Mars whistleblowers.

Independent Mars whistleblowers include former U.S. serviceman Michael Relfe, former DARPA Project Pegasus participant Andrew D. Basiago, and former DOD scientist Arthur Neumann.  Michael Relfe has stated he was stationed for 20 years (Mars time) at a U.S. secret installation on Mars.  Andrew D. Basiago has stated he visited U.S. secret installations on Mars twice in 1981.  Arthur Neumann has stated he visited Mars for a project meeting at a secret U.S. installation at which Martian extraterrestrials were present.  All three whistleblowers independently state they were transported to and from the U.S. secret Martian installations via teleportation facilities.  A fourth whistleblower, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, great granddaughter of U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, has stated she was the target of a 2006 attempted enrollment in a secret Mars colony.

A two-part video of Dr. Brown’s presentation of the remote viewing study of the Figure A Mars industrial site is available in the article below.

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