Apollo 11: Were There UFOs on the Moon, Part 4

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Apollo 11; Were There UFOs On The Moon?

In addition to Binder, Chatelain, and the authors of “Celestial Raise,” we also have two Russian scientists who reported having heard, second hand though it was, reports of  the sighting of UFOs on the Moon. Perhaps more important we also have a short excerpt from Colonel Philip Corso.

In the 1960s for two years Corso headed the Foreign Technology desk in the Army Research and Technology department at the Pentagon. He admittedly has a talent for hyperbole, and probably for exaggeration. Nonetheless he undoubtedly furnished much valuable information in his “The Day After Roswell” published in 1997, shortly before his death. It is more than likely that the following excerpts fall into the latter category:

“Nobody was looking for an out-and-out war, especially the EBEs [extraterrestrial biological entities] who tried to scare us away from the moon and their own base there more times than even I know. They buzzed our ships, interfered with our communications, and sought to threaten us by their physical presence.” 

“Their own base there.” There is much more than Corso’s few sentences to tip us off to a UFO base on the Moon. And, as might be expected, the evidence points to the side that is permanently hidden from earth-or was until our satellites began to orbit that body. Our knowledge of this must primarily, but not solely, be credited  to Sergeant Karl Wolf, whose narrative is contained in Dr. Steven Greer’s “Disclosure.” Wolfe was working in close contact with a NASA facility as a photographic technician with a background in electronics. From him we have detailed information on the structures and the processing of the photos from the orbiting satellites. He had been flatly told by another enlisted man, more permanently attached to NASA, that “We’ve discovered a base on the back side of the moon.” Wolfe’s own work brought him into close contact with the photographs in question. He described some of the structures as ‘massive.’ Some, he said, were a half mile in size, some were tall and thin, some were round, some with a dome like a greenhouse.

Colonel Corso, in listing all the ‘hostile acts perpetrated by the aliens, included colonizing ‘our lunar surface.’ Having retired, he was out of the loop during the Apollo 11 landing, but presumably still had some contact with those ‘in the know,’ just as did, more than likely, Maurice Chatelain. 

The entire story of the moon sightings was also carried over a period of many months, beginning in 2008 on ‘About.com’ and other web sites, and is still repeated from time to time.                                       

Even before the American reports of sightings on the moon, several were heard from Russia. According to a Dr. Vladimir Azhazha, a physicist and professor of mathematics at Moscow University, “Neil Armstrong relayed the message to Mission Control that two large, mysterious objects were watching them after having landed near the moon module. But this message was never heard by the public – because NASA censored it.” Dr. Aleksandr Kazantsev, another soviet scientist, reported that Aldrin took color movie film of the UFOs from inside the module and continued filming them after he and Armstrong left the module. He claims that the UFOs departed within minutes after the astronauts alighted. According to Kasantsev, Armstrong confirmed that the story was true but refused to go into further detail, beyond admitting that the CIA was behind the cover-up.

Why does NASA not release the video of the first moon landing? Then we could all see what was filmed, at least before the camera ‘overheated.’ What about the video taken from the LEM? What would that show?

We will never know. On July 17, 2009, according to America on Line, NASA announced that it did not have the original videos of the live transmissions from Apollo 11. NASA believes that it must have erased the 45 tapes years ago so that it could reuse them. It was inadvertent, said the agency, and no one is to blame. It said it was in the process of restoration from four sources who received copies of the originals, and that these would be better than the originals. According to a former historian of the agency, Roger Launius, the quality of the restorations was a “little better than the originals; not a lot better.”

But historians not connected with NASA were not mollified. Douglas Brinkley, author and historian from Rice University, was quite put out that NASA

didn’t “have the common sense to save perhaps the most historical footage of the 20th Century.” Considering the variety and artifacts from the Apollo 11 mission, Brinkley found it ‘mind-boggling that the tapes just disappeared… when dealing with historical film footage, you always want the original to study.”

Dick Nafzger, NASA senior engineer in charge of the restoration project, was also in charge of the live TV recordings in the period of the Apollo missions. He assured the public that “There’s nothing being created; there’s nothing being manufactured.” Whether anything was being omitted, he neglected to say.

Recently NASA went to great lengths to explain to the public how diligently their personnel searched for the missing 45 tapes, each with 15 minutes of footage, eleven and a quarter hours of video from the first steps on the moon, as far as we know.

In 1986 there was an interesting exchange of correspondence between Timothy Good and Armstrong, the author directly asking the astronaut about the alleged meeting of Armstrong and Good’s professor friend. Replied  Armstrong: “Your reliable sources are unreliable. There were no objects reported, found or seen on Apollo 11 or any other Apollo flight other than of natural origin. All observations on all Apollo flights were fully reported to the public.”

The response was unequivocal; it was also quite defensive and further, with regard to the sweeping denial of other sightings it is completely at odds with other Apollo astronauts. It contradicts many reports of other mysterious sightings, before and after number 11, and thereby renders that subject germane to this one, something that will be treated in a later essay.

It is interesting also that no such denial was ever made public. This one was published, as far as I know, only by Good in his “Above Top Secret.”

Nor can this question of UFOs seen on the moon be completely divorced from the larger, and ultimate question of whether UFOs exist. If even a small number of the credible sightings over the last 60 years are true, would we not expect UFOs to be on the moon? It is a perfect way-station for craft coming from trillions of miles, however they may be propelled. It would be an excellent stopping place for the huge ‘mother’ ships, such as Aldrin in said to have described. Rarely, if ever, have those huge ones, as often as they have been seen and reported in flight over the earth, been seen at rest on the ground.  The sightings of landed craft have been limited to the smaller ones, those often seen to emerge from, or to enter the huge craft such as Armstrong is said to have described.

And Finally, despite the continual reports from so many sources, it seems safe to say, hard though it be to prove a negative, that there has been no unequivocal public denial of UFOs on the moon by Armstrong, Aldrin, or Collins, or by NASA, or by any agency of the United States Government. Their response to the inanities of the questions/accusations of the deniers of the moon landings nullifies any claim that the sightings of UFOs were unworthy of response. Perhaps it could be said, to the credit of our officials, that their repeated dissimulations, disinformation, improvisations and imaginative, but shopworn inventions, were recognized to be totally inadequate in this situation. There was no possibility here of attributing the sightings to airplanes, refueling tankers, helicopters, balloons, planets, stars, temperature inversions, or swamp gas.

The choice was admit it or ignore it. If there were indeed UFOs on the Moon, they undoubtedly chose to refuse an out-and-out denial of an unexplainable  physical, visual fact. That may have been a line they, admirably, refused to cross. But if there were not UFOs on the Moon, the government and NASA have missed a wonderful chance to deal, with a timely unequivocal denial, a mighty blow to the pesky ufologists

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