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On February 24th, 1959, at 8500 feet over Bedford, Pennsylvania Captain Peter W. Killian saw three objects south of his plane. One left their formation, approached his plane and slowed.  Killian was awed by the size of it which he estimated as three times the size of his plane. He also felt obliged to try to calm the jittery passengers. The object soon returned to the formation, but Killian was then joined by another of the objects. He transmitted the frightening experience to other planes in the vicinity, and quickly heard from six other airliners in the vicinity that they had seen the formation and all agreed that the objects were no known aircraft.  Number of witnesses: Plenty.

The record books are filled with hundreds of such reports from airliners, but,omitting the erroneous, the illusionary, the imaginings and the hoaxes etc. . ,  it is filled also with probably hundreds of thousands of corroborated eyewitness reports of equal persuasiveness.We cite one as typical of thousands.It is recounted by both Stanton T. Friedman and John G. Fuller.

At about 2:00 A.M. on September 3rd, 1965, Norman Muscarello, a young man from Exeter, New Hampshire  was in Kensington trying to hitch hike home. He suddenly found himself confronted with something bigger than a house and coming directly at him. It was circular and had pulsating brilliant red lights around the rim. It made not a sound and just seemed to be floating toward him. Terrified, he dove into a shallow shoulder of the road, and when the “thing,” as he later called it, backed off, he ran to the nearest house screaming. No one answered but a passing car offered asylum and he was taken to a police station in Exeter.

Officer Toland, the bewildered officer on duty,did not know quite what to make of the story the chain smoking Muscarello blurted out. A patrolman, one Eugene Bertrand was summoned to investigate. On his arrival at the station he told of a near hysterical woman who described how an “airborne something” with flashing lights that trailed her for almost 12 miles. Asked if this sounded like what he saw, Muscarello replied: “Sounds exactly like it.” Two witnesses now. 

Bertrand accompanied Muscarello to the field where he claimed he had seen the “thing.” There was nothing there. They walked the field to investigate. Still nothing. Then, amidst suddenly barking dogs and whinnying horses, Muscarello shouted “I see it; I see it.” Bertrand shouted into his radio “My god, I see the damn thing myself!”. Witness number three.

The object hovered about 100 feet over them for several minutes, and the entire area was bathed in a brilliant red. The “thing’ was soundless. It rocked back and forth. Said Bertram: It was erratic, defying all aerodynamic patterns. “It could turn on a dime. Then slow down.” A patrolman,David Hunt, having heard the Bertrand-Toland conversation on his radio came to the scene. Hunt later described the pulsating lights, the rocking, “A creepy type of look. Airplanes don’t do this.” Witness number four.

We leave our friends here. There is much more, and a whole town full of witnesses who turned out every night for weeks to look for, and often see the UFOs returning to draw electricity from the lines there.  But this is enough for our purposes.

On a later segment of this tale we will examine the other aspect of the vapid claim of the scientists, and some laymen, that there is no proof because it is all so unscientific.

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