Arsenic and Old Lace- Redux

By Stephen Yulish PhD 


NASA really hyped up its announcement yesterday (December. 2, 2010) that they had found extraterrestrial life. Many thought that this was the infamous Disclosure announcement that many were expecting. Finally, the government would acknowledge the existence of UFOS and aliens. When I heard that they were found it in California,  

I laughed. Figures I thought. This was the la nd of fruits and nuts. The announcement was anti climatic to say the least. A scientist apparently found a new bacterium in a lake in northern California that survived on the toxic arsenic instead of the normal phosphorous. This could be the life form on Saturn’s moon Titan.

Look, I know astronomy. I studied it the 60s at Case Institute of Technology. I also studied exobiology-life on other planets. I then studied human evolution in my pursuit of truth and meaning. My senior paper on the supposed missing link, Ramapithecus was published in a Japanese scientific journal, Primates. I’ve been there and done that.

I did not find the truth that I was looking for until I found Jesus. I found that we were not born from a arsenic lake in Northern California but were wonderfully made in God’s image. We were wonderfully made not toxic. Professor Stephen Jay Gould, the leading evolutionist from Harvard once told me that we humans were just the result of a fortuitous cosmic accident. How sad.

The only extraterrestrial that we should be concerned about is Jesus Christ, He is not from this earth but it is all about Him. Forget other ETs and toxic bacterium. He said choose life not death. His grace is sufficient for us. 

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