Matt Brady


My passion for the paranormal started when I was about 13 years old. I had an experience that changed my life. A series of psychic dreams changed my worldview overnight. I was unable to comprehend what happened to me. I looked for explanations but I couldn’t find any. Eventually this experience lead me to explore other suspected paranormal phenomenon. I figured if I had an experience this dramatic, there had to be more like me. But as I looked into the work of paranormal investigators I was disappointed with what I found. Most paranormal investigators did very little investigating. Every bump, strange sound or dust particle would be claimed as paranormal. Then I looked at skeptics who labelled themselves as scientific and logical. Behind a facade of science I found that so-called skeptics put even less effort into studying the paranormal. They wouldn’t even conduct field investigations then they would write their science-based cause that didn’t even explain many of the conditions of the phenomenon. I realized the field of paranormal research needed guidance and a better approach to research. I decided to harness my experience as an intelligence analyst to offer a new methodology for the investigation of suspected paranormal phenomenon. That’s when I launched I hope that through this website I can advance our understanding of suspected paranormal phenomenon and encourage a systematic and objective approach for investigation and analysis.

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