Sol Aris


Sol Aris is the pen-name of researcher Shaul Volkov, from the town of old Jaffa. Sol was lucky to have had a very diverse background, which had prepared him early on for a life of research into the esoteric topics. He was born in Russia and grew up in the United States, worked as a lawyer for many years, and as a computer programmer for a few more. He has also been a rock guitarist and singer since the early eighties, and participated in numerous fringe theater and stand-up comedy productions, designing the costumes for some. Sol has served in the military twice (in two countries), and is proud to report having been kicked out both times. He was a political activist in his youth, but left that road long ago. He has led several communes through the years, and has also been a reasonable dream interpreter. Sol Aris can be contacted by email at [email protected].
Origins of Conspiracy: Defeat of Isengard: The Quarantine: Discovery on Temple Mount: Leo Wanta Caper (arrest of Tony Blair):

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