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*Stephanie Lynne Thorburn* is an author, researcher and Reiki Master. She writes features focused on nascent areas of social science, including Sociology and Parapsychology. She holds an *MA in Sociology: Qualitative Research* from Goldsmiths College, London, UK and a combined honours degree in *Sociology/ Psychology *from City University, London. Stephanie Lynne has undertaken a range of vocational diplomas comprising postgraduate research papers on Consciousness Studies, Transformative Social Studies and Graphic Arts (UKCHT); with Distinctions. She also has a Dip. in Parapsychology, w/ Distinction.

Stephanie is on the founding Board of Editors of the *Journal of Space Philosophy.* In 2012 she became an advisor/ consultant to the *Journal of Anomalous Sciences.* Stephanie Lynne Thorburn has freelanced extensively for press, especially *Los Angeles Chronicle *and * *Over time, she has authored a series of digital eBooks, achieving two best-sellers in music and creative arts. Ongoing academic works include her Kindle publications, ‘*The Astrosociological Imagination’*, *‘Progressive Etudes on Human Progress: Nanotechnology & Space Sciences’*, and ‘*Consciousness, Human Enigma & Parapsychology’.* Stephanie Lynne edits her own webzine “Nuance”. Currently, she is resuming postgraduate studies in Education and is a member of the Council for Education in the Commonwealth and the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS).

Stephanie Lynne joined the Education & Research Advisory Committee of *The Exopolitics Institute *in Feb. 2014. Her next publication in 2014 will be *‘Progressive Etudes on Consciousness and Noetic Sciences.’*

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