‘Exopolitics’ deals with the social, cultural & political implications of extra-terrestrial life. Exopolitical discourse is based upon a challenging human odyssey, to identify profound ontological and epistemological truths. The subject is both emancipatory in relation to our grasp of technology and equally, it is a spiritually enriching, nascent sphere. Exopolitics has the capacity to extend the human conscious experience beyond the limiting confines that divide us today in relation to aspects of class, race and creed. Yet, the Exosciences need to maturate and establish a foothold as a field of social oratory that encompasses more than a ‘new-age’ science fictional paradigm, associated with the ability of the human psyche to imagine, explore and conject upon what lies outside the parameters of our own Earth.

-Overview of new Kindle text on Exopolitics, consciousness transformation and new scientific paradigms by author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.

Intro: New Scientific Paradigms. 

The Art & Science of Exopolitics…

‘Exopolitics: Transcendence & Truth Supreme’, seeks to define concepts of new-humanism and the fruition of higher consciousness via the enhancement of human conscience and creativity.  The Exosciences project a lens through which human transience, imagination and fragility are all richly expressed. It is a fundamental domain within which humans might situate themselves in context of our living cosmos.  

Concepts & Themes:



Exopolitics, Human Progress, Transformative Studies, Consciousness Transformation, new-humanism, global peace, paradigmatic science, emancipation, Gaia Earth.


Excerpt:  Connecting with our collective cultural experience..

Future projections for advocates facilitating the development of the domain…

Exopolitical ‘Truths’.

Exopolitical ‘truth’ in essence remains equivocal and is still a nascent domain in development.  Learning how to develop a critical affinity with Exopolitics as an orator or advocate, could prove instrumental in the nurturance of the sphere.  The abstract truths & maxims that define the seductive logics of Exopolitics are growing pertinent as quantum science becomes more sophisticated and mirrors science fiction; the realisation that we a part of a complex multifaceted living cosmos is becoming more apparent. Technological and spiritual evolution must surpass parochial indigenous differences, to develop a unity of consciousness.  This is the foremost maxim that has conceptually motivated the fruition of this progressive new work ‘Exopolitics:  Transcendence & Truth’….


Stephanie Lynne Thorburn

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A cogent new work on Exopolitics & the Exosciences…

A succinct vignette on Exopolitics, illuminating the efficacy of the methods & maxims defining this field.  The text explores the abstract and paradoxical ‘truths’ espoused by Exopolitical discourse, and highlights the potential potency of this nascent domain to contribute to enriching the human experience.  The liberating and emancipatory elements of Exopolitics are often overshadowed by sensationalist testimony & disinformation. 

‘Exopolitics:  Transcendence & ‘Truth’ Supreme’ focusses on the transformational aspects of Exopolitics and the rhetorical promise of the sphere – new technologies, Nanotech, new-humanism and consciousness transformation are all encompassed as key elements to this work. The author supports development of integral human sciences.”

-Prose & artwork produced by & Copyright Stephanie Lynne Thorburn 2014.

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