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Multi-Dimensional Beings as “Project 13”



One of the stories I tried to understand and called Dirk Vander Ploeg and he said, “Why doesn’t something like this ever happen to me?”

My answer was, “I don’t know?”


What happened was –


I was on my computer getting ready to write my weekly article.


A light being appeared very large in the room and then began making various energy signs. I was shocked to say the least. I had never seen a “Multidimensional Being” manifest like that in this life other than as Guides over head like an Angel or an ET Being on a UFO.


SO My point of reference was (1) Angel GUIDE (2) ET on a UFO.

NOW, I had to understand there was also a third option (3) light being – Crystal Being


This one had knowledge and dealt with Crop Circles, as well as, Signs, Symbols and Mathematics

This one taught me about pyramids, GRIDS, energy, PSI, Synergy squared, and made the infinity sign like a double eight, and shrunk to a small infinity squared sign.

I knew then that I would soon stop writing for UFO and that we would all live through the 12-21-12 LIFESTYLE LIVING which was turned back in time.


We would be able to make ourselves feel better about ourselves and people look at our face. And Life Value is not about physical form but our “MULTI-DIMENSIONAL” SELF!

I was also now not only a HUMAN FORM, A SPIRITUAL FORM, or an ET UFO Form, but also a “LIGHT BEING FORM” We could all take various forms as CRYSTAL PEOPLE once we learned of fractal space time and matter.



GOD – Engage and write a new story. YOUR INNER BEING IS TRANSCENDING

“Teach to RE-BELIEVE. Anything is POSSIBE! There is no life other that the AWAKENING to a GREATER POSSIBILITY LIFE that you are SPIRIT having the Multi-Dimensional Mind-Body-Spirit having the Birth Life Death Experience!”

That is the briefing I was given to share with you Co-Commanders. The rest of your questions can be directed to the Commander of the command ship who will direct you later to those once again who are the Supreme High Counsel  also referred to in the planet earth's references as the Great Counsel of the Supreme Architects of this universe. The terms are not exactly the same in each universe but the Supreme Allied Command and the Supreme High Counsel are the two best descriptions we are told will work in the universal English language at this time on earth.

There is much information that I use to explore the planet that does not pertain to your present interest at this time Commander."


We will next begin with the story once again as the quarters are described for both Tom and Sara in space on board the Command Ship that stays well hidden with those in space hidden at all times from all those who would be considered viewing from earth. There are various levels and stages of communication among those who serve as guides on earth.

More later... TJ - TAKEN UP

The Journal of Sara Thomas from Space.

Sara is also known as Tara

Sara was now in her cabin with Tom and Commander Clark.  Sara was now in a place that she felt secure in a way and in another way felt far away from her home planet on earth.

Sara was a strong woman and one who wanted to know more about her past and her dreams. Her dreams sometimes seemed more real than life in the awakened state on earth. There were other places she visited and she had other lives with other responsibilities. Now, she wanted some explanations on why she was on board this ship and yet she had felt compelled by some higher power to go with Tom, the man she thought her government had wanted her to shadow and to bring back into the fold of the CIA. Sara now had a feeling that she was on an entirely new mission that was one of the higher beings.

Now, she was on board an alien ship and she was going to journal all her thoughts for what she believed would be her journals in case something happened to her maybe others would care in the future. There was something about her that she was not able to figure out. She knew that somehow she was one of the entitled and one who cared about everyone and everything in the world where she was born.

However, she had feelings for these people who were in space that she had memories of but they seemed so far away and the memories seemed have been formed in past lives. Sara as now going to say good night to Tom her partner who had brought her to this place in space that was now called the command ship. And as she did, she had asked the Commander of the command ship for paper and pen so she could journal.

“Commander, before you leave, can you please tell me if you have paper and pen on board? I would like to journal my thoughts.”

“Yes, you are able to access anything you like Sara although you can speak your thoughts into the computer if you wish and do not have to write your thoughts down. This computer screen here will enable you to obtain anything you ask for while you are here. The only limitations that we have are based on descriptions that are not programmed in or obtainable through this small console. Simply approach it and speak into it. This is programmed by location along with everything in your room. The same goes for Tom’s room. Each room is programmed for your personal DNA and wants and desires already.”

Sara looked at Tom in disbelief, and then said,

“Well then may I try it? Tom what do you think?”

Tom spoke up.

“Well Tara you know what they say, when in Rome.”

Sara looked at Commander Clark and then back at Tom and spoke into the console on a wall of her cabin.

“Computer, may I please have a journal to write in as a form of a notebook with an ink pen please?”

Then there on a counter below the computer console on the cabin wall appeared below a journal in a notebook form with an ink pen. The same as she used on earth.

“How does it know what I want Commander Clark?”

“Sara before you and Tom arrived, we knew you were coming therefore we had our aids program the computers in your room with your own DNA and all the records that we have from this lifetime of you on earth. Therefore, anything you have ever had materialize in your life in thought forms is now attainable while you are here. Any other deeper definition we will have to discuss at a later time when you have had time to acclimate to our way of being in space.”

Sara looked at Tom and said,

“Good enough then. I definitely had more questions but since we just arrived, I am in overwhelm and don’t want to lose track of my own life and thoughts before coming here. So, I appreciate the tour of the ship thus far and appreciate all your hospitality. I realize I am a guest here and will do what I can to fit in to the ways of your command here Commander Clark.”

“Fine Sara, now if you will excuse us until  a break of about ten hours we shall show Tom his cabin and expect to see you again in about ten hours for your morning briefing. We shall have your aides pick you up in our command carrier. Mind you we do have the single flow carts for those who you may have seen dashing around on the main control deck. We shall issue each of you one of those later as needed. For now, we shall have you escorted with your own personal aids.”

 “That sounds great. Well Goodnight Tom. I know you will be just across the way from me and oh by the way how do we communicate if there are no phones in the room?”

Tom looked to the Commander,  

“Yes Commander how do we communicate?”

“You don’t even have to go over to the computer. The entire room is able to respond as a computer to your every command. Therefore all you have to relate is speak to the computer and explain who you would like to communicate with and a channel is opened. Let yourself be calm in knowing you are always equipped at all times to contact us at all times from where ever you are by simply acknowledging the computer.  The ship’s main computer recognizes your voice and DNA at all times. You will soon get use to the ways of our command here.”

“Well goodnight Sara. I shall see you in about ten hours then. Simply call if you need me before our next briefing. Try to get some rest.”

“Thank you Tom, I will and I shall want to wind down right after I begin my journal. I shall climb into bed and get some sleep. It has been a long day.”

Then Tom and Commander Clark left Sara and her cabin door slid closed from inside the bulkhead. There appeared to be two that closed into an unseen seam in the middle of the opening. There was a lining around each door to show where the door location was supposed to be.

Sara looked around her cabin and opened a tall thin closet where she saw uniforms and pajamas all hanging up for her. She put on a set of pajamas and climbed in bed to journal her own thoughts.

The Journal of Sara Thomas from Space.

Alien Hybrid Perspective in the Alien ET UFO Community

I am in space and I want to share my thoughts with others who may not have a chance to visit the command ship where I am now presently located. Therefore I want to begin a story from the beginning.

I am writing this although I am told I can simply speak into a computer and all my thoughts are recorded.

However, I want to have my own personal recording in my own handwriting so there is no room for misunderstanding from this day forward. I don’t know what will happened to this diary or journal but I want to share my life because someday it may have meaning to all those who are like me as humanoids on earth.

One who has not heard of our little community online inside the matrix of cyberspace may wonder what in the world we are. What we are about and who we are. Therefore, I shall take a stab at explaining in my own point of view and perception being that I am considered an alien hybrid based on my own experience in life.

People ask me from time to time why me? What did the aliens pick me to converse with or to monitor from time to time? I was told it was because I was chosen before I was born. That isn’t much of a reason but that was all I have been told thus far. When I asked about God I was simply told God has always been. That wasn’t much of an explanation either.


What I have been doing with what information that comes to me based on my life’s history is sharing that which I believe to be my truth. This as anything is based on the senses and that which I experience in this life. However, one thing that being different as a humanoid sentient intelligent being as a part of the species on earth is that I take into account all my senses and my memories of past lives.

The veil is thin for me in between all my past lives and I did not plan life this way as far as I know. My life was like everyone else’s.  (To be Continued… from space. Tara aka Sara)

Continued from SPACE MY TAKEN UP ADVENTURE by Tara aka Sara




People changing and disappearing on this planet is not new. We are just becoming aware that there is a mystery that has been happening all along on this planet and it involves those we call aliens and ET.


People are changing in many ways.  Every human trait is now under scrutiny by various universities. The evolutionary psychology we now share on earth not only relate that our eye and hair color are changing but our brains, digestive systems, bones, immunity to pathogens, sperm production, and our life span.


Cultural anthropologists and Historians are working together to determine that our attitudes and customs in this day and time distinguishes us form those of the past. Every trait that we can classify is under strong genetic influence.


Anthropologists tell us bones do not lie and it is obvious that our skulls and stature have shrunk over time from some 35,000 years ago. Deciphering DNA has allowed us to see that we can uncover what is boosting our evolutionary changes, which is now said to be speeding up on this planet among our species.


Scientists are challenging our demographic data. This is based on our numbers that can be found in generalities used such as ten thousand years ago it is found that there were only 10 million people. During the Roman Empire era, there were 200 million people. Now, in today’s time since we have counted from the year 1500 we have been increasing our numbers and as we now know we are up to over 6.8 billion people on this planet and counting to the 7 billion mark when it is said, we will begin using our migrating gene to explore the universe further for more sustenance and land mass to continue our growth process in the stars.


Dark skin people from Africa have trouble manufacturing Vitamin D due to the low levels of ultraviolet radiation. Consequently, as they migrate north there is a mutation and joining of light skin people to enhance the human population and decrease the lack of diseases, which make them more susceptible to diseases. The Europeans and Asians over time have been able to decrease the melanin in the skin.


Also, our change on this planet from thousands of years as hunters and gatherers around the world to an agrarian existence where we put down roots and begin ground farming for our nutrition and raising cattle for our milk we became farmers and cattle herders. We would settle and create fences to protect our group’s sustenance.


Around 8,000 years ago, we began taking our milk from cows, which was an advantage from taking the infants milk from the mother’s breast in our species. This changed the gene of lactose digestion is about 80 percent in European descendants and only 20 percent in Africans and Asians.


In crowded areas of people, we increase what germs and pathogens we spread among ourselves that also live on this planet. We learned from our epidemics of cholera, malaria, small pox, typhus and other disease so we began our work at fending odd assaults with our immunity. We also began in the latter days learning more about ourselves as people and what makes us live longer and how we could fight off pathogens with medicines. People have already developed 25 new genes to fight malaria. Natural selection picks genes that will help us live longer when we mate and will pick the stronger sperm.


Procreation has been easier with more choices for our women based on the larger gathering places in which we live among the larger cities and communities that offer many choices for our mates in this world of diversity.

We have learned that families are important for passing down to children and grandchildren the games, family traditions, and cultural heritage from one generation to the next. There is now evidence that the brain is evolving as quickly as the rest of our body.


We have surmised over time that all beings on earth that we are all equal to social and political equal rights as egalitarians that value the rights of all individuals regardless of their background cultures and ethnicity. We all deserve the same rights and opportunities in this world of one species.


We may begin seeing more changes as we live longer.


We will now see our children more mobile and more about communication in a global society that will begin to recognize more space exploration in the world. We will raise our children to be world travelers who will raise their children five generations out to be space travelers. This means that by 2100 we should see many cities in space.


In addition, we may understand more about how the past has allowed for other evolutionary changes not only on earth but also in space with our beings that have been “TAKEN UP”. It is now thought among many beings of the world’s population that the books about being “LEFT BEHIND” were timely in the presentation that the iconic stories of Jesus Christ and Ascension may have some valid theories that could be investigated among our scientific fields of endeavor. It is not unheard of to speculate that throughout our history that humankind has been taken up into these UFOS and flown to the Mother Ship waiting to whisk a large group of our earth’s population to a new world.


This story we have seen in our ancient history among our oldest stories, myths, and legends about certain civilizations simply disappearing.


Some were just sitting down to eat as was noticed among some ships at sea when the crews simply vanished. IT was suspected that many simply were swept over board and yet the bowls of food and drink were left in place. The story about people in large groups disappearing is not new and can be found all over the world. This is a part of our heritage on earth that we have ignored largely in part because we had no researchers and people who would take the time and effort to explore the stories.


What we can now do in our ET UFO Community is begin combining our stories of UFO sightings with those of sub-cultures that include the disappearance of some groups and civilizations throughout time.


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