Tim Brosnan


Tim Brosnan covers ufology for Technorati. A freelance feature writer, photographer, print designer and performer, he's lived and worked from New England to Florida to California. Currently, he serves as marketing director for a small professional theater in Greenville, South Carolina. He authors the Creative Hammer blog, where pretty much anything is fair game, though theater and marketing/public relations tend to be recurring themes. Whenever time and money permit, Tim travels to UFO conferences and seminars, which he admits have taken on a certain sameness in recent years. One of his fondest ufological memories is the day he met abductee Linda Cortile during a post-Intruders Foundation seminar party on the roof of Budd Hopkins' home in New York. He spent that night in Hopkins' basement studio and had breakfast the next morning with Hopkins' and Stanton Friedman.

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