Vince White


It has always been obvious UFOs were real, except for one very brief lapse  , when I was a skeptic, for a whole two  weeks, after  watching a CBS  Television special titled “Friend . Foe or Fantasy”.  OK. I was young, and in high school. A voracious reading habit quickly led to  reading  Major Keyhoe's book “Flying Saucers are Real” , and it was  again utterly obvious that these objects were solid physical craft traversing our skies. 

While a student at the University Mo at KC, that flying saucer evangelist a  bearded Physicist Pied Piper of Ufology Stan Friedman stoked my UFO fires and curiosity even hotter with his “Flying Saucers are Real” lecture at a lecture hall packed to capacity,  

Making a living  limited time for UFOs as more and more time & energy was spent programming software for  financial institutions. I wrote a book review for the MUFON journal of one of Jacques Vallee’s latest books. I accumulated 400 plus UFO books.

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