Balancing Our Chakras as We Birth a New Maya Era

By helent

Mexico ~ Maya Sacred Path 2012 ~ Balancing Our Chakras as We Birth a New Maya Era

Two Thousand and twelve (2012) ends a great cosmic movement of 5,125 years and gives birth to a new Maya cycle of love, wisdom, and universal harmony. As everything around us changes, it is more important than ever to stay centred on our spiritual path. To do that, we have created this second Maya Sacred Path program where we will work to balance and cleanse our seven chakras as we prepare for the coming new era. Our Maya Sacred Path program is a tour series which began in 2005 and has been offered each year leading up to 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar, and will continue to be offered in following years. Each year we focus on different aspects of Mayan teachings and visit different Mayan sites as part of our journey. These journeys are for serious students who wish to evolve a deeper awareness of the true Mayan teachings and thus, evolve themselves through a spiritual awakening of cosmic consciousness. As we look forward to the next phase in the future of our world and our own lives, it is time for us to discover and commit to our own personal role in creating a new era for humankind and our planet Earth.

This amazing journey is purposely set so that we can cleanse, purify, and balance the chakra centres in preparation for this new era. There are seven major chakras (called Pauhas in Maya) and each one has its own specific aspects affecting perception in this dimension. The chakras of the human being are the houses of consciousness from our higher self, but also exist in this dimension of space and time. Each chakra has unique properties of consciousness, intuition, and spiritual power, and each is a temple dedicated to the Divine that is within us. There is a need to connect again to this “Heart Essence” in each of our chakras and the best place to do this is in the Maya temples and pyramids of the Yucatán where the sacred energy is now activated and able to help us enormously to “awaken” and “activate” our great spiritual gifts such as clairaudience, clairvoyance, intuition, telepathy, and past life memories.
Throughout our journey, we will focus on balancing and awakening these seven chakras at several sacred Maya sites. The sites that we will visit to do this work, Calcehtok Caves, Labná, Xlapak, Sayil, Santa Elena, Kabah, Uxmal, Chichen Itzá, Aké, and Izamal, have been chosen for their connection to a specific chakra.  At each sacred site, we will gather for sacred Mayan ceremonies and learn tools to stimulate and activate each chakra. These sacred sites will also be our teachers, and if we listen with our whole being, we will hear the ancient Maya wisdom that is available to us here.
Accompanying us on our journey will be Miguel Angel Vergara Calleros, our teacher of the Maya Wisdom, who will lead us in sacred ceremonies and share the wisdom of the ancients he has gathered through his in-depth studies and vast experiences. Also joining us is Dr. Richard Jelusich, whose passion for and connection with the Mayan world, have kept him returning to this wondrous land many times over. He too will share the insights and wisdom he has gathered from his experiences and will also lead us in discussion with informative evening lectures. Together they will lead us in practices, meditations, and ceremonies to help us make our own personal connections with the ancients.
This year, 2012, is the year of “Fruition”, where the accumulation of centuries of incarnations has prepared us for this time of inner transformation. The journey of visiting sacred Mayan sites to study and practise sacred rituals that awaken higher consciousness is exactly what the ancients (you and I) did. Now, it is time once again to make the journey to these sacred Maya sites for activation and purification of the chakra centres, so that we may balance and prepare ourselves for a new era. Join us in this transformational journey to awaken your chakras and the essence of your true self.

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