Jim and I were walking through an area of displaced commercial property with the idea to buy some stuff. We had no idea in this place of forgotten strip malls and decrepit ventures what was to come next. We heard the cries for help and heard the pack of dogs savagely attacking what at first we thought was a large man. A construction worker, complete with hard hat and safety vest in an empty lot close by. “Get these damn dogs off me!” The dog pack was about 5 strays that had come across Billy in the lot while he was doing his power-line job. He was down. Pushing and kicking and the dogs were all over him. As we ran towards the seen it became apparent the man was big, no huge, at least 400 hundred pounds. The dogs gave way at our approach and ran off in reluctance to leaving their “kill”. I came upon Billy first and noticed the hat laying in the dirt the yellow-stripped safety vest and he was not moving.

Click here to enlarge top photo.

Jim came up next and saw what I saw in disbelief. Billy was covered in fur. Thin in parts and thick in others. He was panting hard from the pain of the dog bites lying prone in the dirt. Billy was a Gorilla! He wore blue workers jeans and a yellow safety vest with stripes and no shirt. He had been bitten on the head, shoulders, torso and legs by the 5 dogs.. As I approached this spectacle, Jim backed away and turned pale white. I reached down to check to see what was up with this person/creature and Jim said out loud, “Don’t touch it!” My reaction having heard the words out of Billy’s mouth was “Call 911, for an ambulance”. Jim complied fumbling with his smart phone, hands shaking and still backing away. I looked down and saw the face of a 400 pound Silver-back mountain gorilla, still not believing what I was seeing. Billy looked up at me and said nothing.The ambulance came tearing up in the dirt and dust and two EMS techs came running over then stopped short maybe 15 feet from where I stood over Billy. “OMG!”  One exclaimed, “WTF is this shit?” He’s hurt, attacked by dogs” I said. You could see the wounds on his fur. I could not tell how badly he was hurt but the look he gave me was one of helplessness. I reached down to check the bites and the second EMS tech must have been on auto-pilot. “Let me see” he said and bent down to check the wounds. They were bad bites but not critical. Having heard Billy speak I asked what is your name? “Billy” he said and coughed up a little spit. Then rolled over and tried to stand. The EMS techs backed away. I asked for them to get the gurney and we between the 4 of us and Jim, reluctantly, loaded him onto the stretcher for the ride to the ER.

(This is a work of fiction.)

“Holy shit it’s an ape!” one EMS tech proclaimed as we drove off. When we arrived I noticed neither tech had informed the hospital of our “patient”. Taking him inside, we were greeted by a profoundly incredulous staff of medical people. The day nurse fainted outright, the other two medical staff stood with jaws dropped as we pushed him into the ER. A on call doctor showed up moments later and had half a sentence, “What do we…….have….” then stood stock still. “Sew him up! he was attacked by a pack of dogs.” I voiced. The doc could not move for 30 seconds then suggested animal control. “For God sake man he’s losing blood! Do something! The doctor became an instant vet so to speak. Billy all the while was awake and looked around like he had never seen the inside of a hospital. He then spoke again. “Thank you”! Everyone in the room fell silent to hearing this.

His injuries were minor compared to what a human being would have endured. They put him in a bed in ICU then the doctor walked in shaking from head to foot. “What the hell did I just do? “You saved a talking Silver-back Gorilla that had been attacked by dogs.” Huh? He said.

Billy meanwhile had been noticed by others and before long “they” showed up. Two men in suits looking like the “Men In Black”. “Who is in charge here?” one said flashing some sort of badge. The on call doc stepped forward, “I am”. You will come with me and you, pointing to me next to the bed, you also. We were hustled into another room, and the door closed behind us.

“You both have seen and heard nothing!” The patient you just brought in here was never here, do I make myself clear? What is going on?” was all I could say at the time. The spook looked long and hard and said “listen very carefully, you have seen nothing, nothing happened here”.

Bullshit! I said, “We brought a full grown talking gorilla into a hospital and you want to make it seem like nothing happened? “

The look on the man’s face changed, he started to look dangerous.

“Sir, this is a national security matter, you have no need to know anything, and do you understand? I said OK to this reluctantly. What else could I say? Besides he was wearing a shoulder holster with a rather nasty looking gun, and sort of made that known.

Billy’s History

In the early 1960’s, the US government was experimenting with a variety of gene therapy and hallucinogenic drugs on subjects that both were aware and unaware of this at the time they became pawns to this experimentation. A primate research center in south western Texas called Area 12 was also being used for research. The center had many animals there imported for use in cancer research and other testing of drugs along with dogs picked up from shelters and the street. Animal research was used to facilitate various issues of such common things as cures for disease and such uncommon things as genetic- based enhancement of the species to see what could be made into a weapon. The USSR was doing the same research in the Ukraine and Siberia at the same time and had gotten far ahead of the USA in this area.

“Billy” was a Silver-back Mountain gorilla used in this research, but I was later told they never gave him any drugs for reasons that will become obvious. It had been shown that mountain gorilla’s had been able to be taught sign language, had cognitive skills far beyond similar primates and also showed reasoning capabilities much like their human counterparts. Billy uttered his first words as a baby with a researcher who at first thought she had heard only a grunt, it later turned out he said the word “more” in that he was asked if he wanted more formula. Later he was thought to just be mimicking words he heard until he independently started making sentences.

It took some tough talking to convince some soulless doctors not to have him dissected and his brain analyzed. He was classified as a Top Secret/SCI code 12 project and transferred to Texas for further study.

Billy rarely vocally communicated his thoughts on matters such as his captivity, instead relied on sign-language to communicate his wants and needs. Scientists from MIT, Psychiatrists from John Hopkins and animal behavior experts were called in to ascertain what and how this creature had come to learn such things and at an incredible pace.

Billy’s reasoning skills were so unique to spin wonder in the mind of scientists of the time. It was later ascertained that somehow his DNA had been spiced with a non-human species as yet unknown to the world. Billy was one of a kind and soon grew up unlike the movies such as “planet of the apes” He had powers beyond his physical strength, mainly psychic and other abilities still to be understood. He was labeled a class “A” being not of this planet but this was wrong thinking. He was merely a enhanced life-form. Enhanced by what means nobody knew but it scared a few people no doubt. As he grew he came to respect and communicate with other life forms. He could communicate with dolphins, had mental transference with elephants and other species. This bothered quite a few doctors and researchers, as they wondered if it also applied to humans.

He was under the watchful eye of special operations security force team. He had his own detail over the next 20 years. First the detail was handpicked to be around him and had to go through training to accept this very odd assignment. His doctors and caretakers consisted of linguists, behavior experts and others. Billy made a friend called Joyce, a animal behavior scientist. Joyce had a PHD in primate studies but also a way with him no other human had. When she passed away from Cancer in the late 1980’s he mourned as a human being would. When they asked him what he was feeling he simply said out loud in English, “Lost, my Joyce”.

Billy had learned cognitive difference and emotional human-like bonding. This further made the scientists concerned as he had gone beyond that which were normal human skills and had abilities to read facial expressions that was at times hard for those around him. Some considered he had ESP and could read minds, instead it was put forth that his knowledge of human body and

facial language and empathy was so acute that he could in micro-seconds know what was about to occur and surmise thoughts..

Billy had a gift of being able to befriend you. It was easy to overlook that the being you were conversing with was not human, weighed 400 + pounds and so on. He never showed any signs of aggression however he could at times show annoyance with his handlers. His security team became so enamored with him he would sometimes play games with them. Once while one of them was standing very close to Billy he looked down and saw his pistol, minutes before in its holster, completely disassembled and neatly laid out on the floor at Billy’s feet. The sentry had absolutely no idea how this could have happened. Others in the room saw no sudden movement. When Billy was asked how he had done this he simply said “Gun’s mojo bad, no work apart”/

He later agreed to not do that again.

In 1991 his security attribute was upgraded to a level 15 Code 2 MAJIC level. NASA was brought in as the active agency overseeing the project. Billy asked for and was given an audience with the tribal elders of the Hopi first nation. At first this seemed a strange request. He asked that no others than the Elders be present at this meeting. After much discussion on security it finally occurred outside. a building in Oraibi, Arizona in May of 1991. I was contacted at this time having nearly forgotten all about Billy or trying to. My life had gone on through a marriage, separation and living in Washington DC at the time. I was told I was requested by Billy but am not sure this was true until I met him again and the expression of warmth and recognition was so overwhelming in his face to make me feel stunned. Hearing him talk in his direct way made me uneasy at first.  My real name will not be used in this story for obvious reasons but the reuniting with Billy went something like this; he used the name Jim, perhaps as that was what he had initially heard when we first met.

I was taken to a room in the building which was sparse except for a shabby sofa and a chair. It had the windows covered and the door into the room was locked behind me. The lighting was good from an opening in the ceiling that was large and showed the sky. The room smelled odd as if Sage had been burned there and a open fire pit was at the center of the room. Billy was sitting near this and as I approached slowly he looked up at me and actually smiled a big smile or this is what I thought I saw. My emotions at this time were all over the map.

Billy: Jim! Friend! Jim! Come sit.

I sat across from him cross-legged on the bare earthen floor. Me: How, What? How is it you request me to come here?

Billy: Do not be feared, It been long time Billy no see Jim. Elders say I bring close friends here at this place.

It amazed me that given his knowledge of English he was direct in his sentence structure not using fancy words or phrases. I when asked a linguist about this later was told Billy had informed him that “Big words like mud in water”.

Me: Have you been treated OK all these years?

Billy: Most good people, some not very smart, some a little crazy like, I here to see the Elders for meeting.

Me: you can speak their language?Billy: I speak with the Elders in way they understand. Me: Why did you request to come here?

Billy looked down at his feet and then up to the opening above us staring with a look I had seen before. It was a sad look and one of concern.

Billy: Jim not sees what is to come, Billy see and Elders too. Much change all around, some good ,some bad, change occur soon.

With those words a light show erupted over the building I can only describe as intense flashing orbs. These zipped over and around the opening then blinked out as if turning off a light switch.

Me: Oh my God, what was that!

Billy: No Fear, no harm to you or others.

With that Billy stood up and as he did the door behind us opened and  many Hopi elders came into the room. They at first looked at me with scowling faces until Billy spoke in Hopi language to them. Their expressions then changed to smiles and laughter and Billy smiled too. I had no idea what was going on having just seen this curious overhead light show. A unmarked black helicopter flew past and Billy told me it would stay away from now on. The Elders sat on the floor opposite Billy who proceeded to talk in their language for a long time. When he finished one of the Elders took me aside and said in English. “You are very blessed to have this one as a spirit helper. He is not what you perceive him to be as animal.” Your people must not stand in his path to block his journey but many will likely try.”

John Moss was one of the Hopi council medicine men. John then returned to the group of Elders and motioned for me to sit down to the left of the  of them. Billy smiled his smile that was disarming to say the least and a little bit unnerving.

Billy then spoke in English perhaps for my benefit.

Billy: Oh wise ones. I here today for blessings from you.  The Great Spirit has been with me always. He shows the change to me to come among you and all others of the Middle World. No fear, no harm, change come soon.

John then talked to Billy in Hopi.

JM: We have made council at your request and thank you for asking our brethren our thoughts on this. We of the Middle World rejoice in this change but know much fear will be shown by those in transition. How can we help them to Alay this fear and keep from doing harm to others?

Billy: Those things you call “Wonders” will help some of you. The beings you call animals will help you. Others who choose not to see will be lost to you for they have given up that which the Great Spirit put inside them for lesser things. For those, I cannot say what at last minute may be for them.

I had never heard Billy talk with such words and phrases before. If you had seen his face and lips moving and hand gestures you would have thought a great Indian Medicine man had come into him or at least overlooked the fact that standing before you was a Talking Gorilla!

JM: It saddens us to hear these things but have seen them in visions as well. When will the others arrive from the Upper World Billy?

Billy: They are already here, but will show of themselves more in coming days.

With that Billy looked up again at the opening in the ceiling and all in the room with him. At first it appeared as a point of silver light high in the sky but as it descended it became a massive globe of metallic silver with rotating and pulsing variations of light around its center. It hovered over the opening perhaps 2000 feet above and at that time started to glow and pulse. Then one of the Elders began to beat a drum and chant. As one by one the others joined in. Billy sat back down and lowered his head as if in prayer. The object caused quite a stir. I was later told as it was seen by those outside the dwelling for miles. Also a curious effect also was seen. All those who saw it gave reports of flashing discharges that occurred unique to each person. When asked

what had occurred, each individual said it was like becoming aware of totality all at once (best description for this as was available at the time).All stated they felt great peace of mind when this occurred and had no longer any fear or apprehension at seeing this what could only be stated as a UFO.

The object stayed stationary for what seemed like a long time then just blinked out. No rapid departure or flight, just a winking out like turning off a light switch. Unknown to those in attendance to this event at the time was another series of occurrences off both the East and West coasts of the US and the Gulf of Mexico, Florida etc. Literally hundreds of thousands of Dolphins and Whales had suddenly showed up close to shore many leaping out of the water. The dolphins made such a racket that they could be heard many miles inland. The Wales caused shipping and pleasure boaters to stop moving for fear of being capsized. Animals even in City Zoos were affected with Bears, Tigers, and others all behaving unlike anyone had ever seen before. Large packs of wild wolves in the Northern Canadian provinces started howling in unison. Large flocks of birds were seen. Even pets, dogs and cats were affected. The second the object blinked out all this activity ceased. The Whales and Dolphins returned to deeper waters, the zoo animals went back to their business and things became “normal” again. At first no one could associate the event in Oraibi with this but it was later seen that geomagnetic anomalies were recorded in these areas that coincided with the high strangeness in Arizona.

Something else happened that later had bearing on these events. Billy’s security team went into high alert mode. Billy bid farewell to his Hopi friends and he had more than a few of his standard security men around him. Their posture was also defensive with automatic weapons at the ready. This bothered me as it could only be concluded there was info of a threat to Billy made to them somehow.

“I am the Right Hand of God!”

I went with the others to Billy’s new location at the request of him and his security team. Once there things seemed to get a little less tense. The building was outside a compound somewhere near Area 12 in Texas. All scientists and NASA personnel were screened for weapons at a checkpoint before they could enter the compound. A few days later started like the ones before. Billy was outside in a area created for him with trees a very pleasant man-made pond with a fountain. Birds were singing and the first rays of light of the new day had broken through some cloud cover. Out of the building came a man in a white lab coat carrying what seemed to be an instrument in both hands. The look on his face was one of determination. He had overpowered a sentry at the door and had walked maybe 20 feet towards Billy when the shots rang out. This took him down in a lump as he dropped the thing he was carrying. That was when I saw it had wires and a blinking light on it. Billy ran towards me with a look of determination as he grabbed me up with one arm and both of us went flying behind a Jersey barrier. Seconds later the most horrendous explosion occurred that caused a shock wave that took the top off the barrier and showered us with debris and dust. Billy and I crouched there for what seemed like minutes as we heard increasing shouts coming from the direction of the blast. The scientist was gone, blown to bits. Security men were on us and checking Billy for injuries and asking if I was OK. What the Hell just happened?  “Sir we have been watching Prof. Johnson for weeks now ever since his wife contacted us about the letter he sent her soon after Oraibi.” “What letter?”

I later was told Prof. Johnson had sent his wife a single sheet of paper with the words “I am the Right hand of God” written on it. She told security that her husband had called her before the letter stating that Billy was an abomination and needed to be destroyed, that God had talked to him and entrusted him to do this and that he would be seen as a savior to mankind. In his delusional state of mind he had not even let his wife speak and simply hung up and the letter then followed. When asked by security about his phone call he simply said “My wife has a drinking problem, I am sorry you had to find out about it in this way” needless to say in a background check the good Prof. came up clean as rain and never was suspected of having been institutionalized at the age of 14 in a psychiatric facility in Georgia in 1976. His parents were later told his issues had been resolved and he was “cured”.  Because he was underage at the time no records came to light in his background investigation.

Security around Billy from that day on was tight. Billy seemed to be saddened by this but took it in stride. The strange meeting with the Hopi elders, the animal event and the attempt on his life seemed to slowly fade as he asked to be able to get out more and do “chores” as he called them. When asked why he felt he needed to do this he simply said “make me smile again”. At first everyone was in agreement to not allow this to occur. But slowly given Billy’s ways of affecting people they reneged and he was allowed to do lineman’s work usually in rural unpopulated areas under the watchful eyes of his security team. He had a gift of being able to isolate telephone and cable outages and repair these easily. Of course the company that contracted out to have him do the service was given a false picture and statement that the person doing the work was a former tech but was under the witness protection program of the US Marshall’s service. It mattered little as the contract award was in the tens of millions of dollars, for that money the owner said he would hire a chimpanzee! The calls came in and Billy was shuttled to areas all over the southwest. He had to wear a custom made coverall jumpsuit and hardhat. Billy I think in his boredom just really enjoyed doing something useful and being outside everyday he was going somewhere different however remote or isolated.

For all his abilities he still kept a great sense of humor. One of his men on his security team freaked a bit when he opened up his thermal lunch bag to find a live baby iguana pop up. Billy actually laughed and the mood of these professional soldiers also took a roll into smiles and comments on how SGT so and so had a wife who couldn’t cook very well. Still Billy seemed at times to gaze out at night at the stars as if waiting for something or someone. That day came in 2013.

For all his abilities he still kept a great sense of humor. One of his men on his security team freaked a bit when he opened up his thermal lunch bag to find a live baby iguana pop up. Billy actually laughed and the mood of these professional soldiers also took a roll into smiles and comments on how SGT so and so had a wife who couldn’t cook very well. Still Billy seemed at times to gaze out at night at the stars as if waiting for something or someone. That day came in 2013.

“The Tipping Point”

When Billy was asked about the meaning of the ship seen at Oraibi he simply stated “Friends”. When pressed on this he gave nothing vocalized words in an unknown language. He also had evolved to the point where he used telepathy at times instead of words to speak directly into the minds of those around him. For most this was not a problem but you did have to be careful as to what you were thinking!

Billy’s last days were like all the others before them with his “chores” and return to the compound. Then he simply disappeared. Search teams were sent out in a 25 mile radius to no avail. Government types were postulating on perhaps an inside job of kidnapping but soon gave up on this idea. His security team as bewildered as the rest were debriefed and later sent to other duties. The Area 12 site was closed and shuttered and fenced off with signs that said “US Government Property, Unauthorized Personnel beyond this point are subject to arrest and deadly force is authorized” and they meant it. I went back to my life as an IT guy and later retired having wondered what happened to Billy and why he so suddenly had gone missing. Then one morning I heard a voice come from my living room.

Billy sat on my sofa in my apartment like he had walked through the door with a key. I was living alone at the time and the door was always locked behind me. At first I about dropped dead of surprise, he then stated:

Billy doing his “Zen” thing.


“Jim, Billy no fear, mean no harm, missed you” He was voicing these words with his own tongue.“You surprised to see Billy?”

“Hell yes, what happened in Texas? Where did you go and where have you been?” Billy: Friends came got me, went up with them. They are you say, my parents.

Me: Are you telling me you come from another world? Billy: No I born here but conceived up there

Me: Why are you back here now?

Billy: In two of your years the change to your world will come about. Many others like me are just now being born now and many of your young ones have been gifted with this change already and I am preparing them for this. A tipping point has become. All life here will change

Me: Are you talking the end of the world? Billy: The beginning of a New One.


 With that the apartment filled with a bright bluish-white light so intense it was blinding. When I could see again he was gone. It was then that I became aware that my movements had been under a watchful eye over the last few years as a a team of heavily armed men broke down the door. As they told me not to move others went room to room calling out “Clear”. When the leader came back in the living room his words were “Where is he?” All I could think to say was “He’s gone”. I was taken to a room somewhere and spent the next few hours describing my movements of the last 48 hours which was meaningless in light of what had happened. When I told them what Billy had relayed to me, a look of abject fear overcame every face in the room. I was then unceremoniously kicked to the curb and told to say nothing about what happened to anyone and that I was still under surveillance. It had seemed that since I first met Billy, things had come full circle.

When I returned to the apartment it was in shambles. All my furniture had been destroyed and papers were tossed about. Even my car had been broken into. At that point what else could I do but start to write down the events I am relating to the reader now. The two years Billy mentioned are about to come to the end and I am not aware of anything catastrophic looming on the horizon. Why I was made a part of this bizarre series of plays I cannot fathom. Billy no doubt knows more of what lies ahead for us than we can even imagine.

Here are various pictures taken of Billy over the time he was with me. Most were taken unawares of the project team. Some were released under a cover story by those in the know to keep others off the trail of the true nature of Billy and his time here.



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