Breaking News: Argentine Air Force announces committee to study UFO phenomenon

by Alfred Lambremont Webre

Breaking News: Argentine Air Force announces committee to study UFO phenomenon

by Alfred Lambremont Webre
Seattle Exopolitics Examiner
December 23, 2010  3:31 pm PT


The Air Force of Argentina on Dec. 23, 2010 formally announced the formation of a committee to study the UFO phenomenon.

The Argentinean Air Force’s action to form a UFO investigation unit was confirmed by Sylvia Perez Simondini of the CEFORA (Argentinean Republic Committee for UFO Phenomena Studies), “an organization formed by various UFOlogy groups in Argentina. The main purpose is the declassification of all related UFO phenomena in Argentina. It was formed by serious Argentinean UFOlogists in Victoria, Entre Rios during a conference.”

In a public statement, Ms. Perez Simondini says,

“The Argentinean Air Force has just announced the formation of a commission to investigate the UFO phenomenon.

“The Director of Institutional Relations of the Argentinean Air Force confirmed on Telefe Newscast that it has recorded two UFO sightings it cannot account for by normal explanations.  The Argentinean Air Force further stated that the mission of the Air Force is to guard the security of Argentinean air space.

“This is a message that all UFO researchers hoped for, filling us with satisfaction to hear that this will occur.

“In our last congress, especially in the Uruguay, which was conducted fairly by the Uruguayan Air Force, at that time, I received greetings from Commodore Robert Muller, Head of the Unit II Air Brigade Paraná, from Colonel Ariel Rios Sanchez, Head of Ricardo Bermúdez CRIDOVNI of CEFAA, the sister republic of Chile, from Ademar Gevaerd Director of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, who is the coordinator of the declassification of UFO phenomenon in Brazil, in order to urge the Air Force of Argentina toward a common goal of UFO disclosure.

“CEFORA, (Argentinean Republic Committee for UFO Phenomena Studies) was created for this goal, to put Argentina on a par with many countries where UFO files have been declassified. This news gives us some hope to believe disclosure is starting, and Argentina also can get UFO declassification.  It is most reasonablebe that we assume a critical attitude on our part, so we will have the security of a good and responsible scientific research.

“We see that the struggle of many researchers over the years can have the reward of seeing a dream fulfilled, and we hope that when this [Air Force] Committee is formed, it will know how to accept and discuss the work of researchers that has been made with a lot of effort, through the will and vocation of those who have been following the phenomenon for so long.”

Exopolitics Argentina, an organization who mission is to foster research and education in Exopolitics, the study of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse, also issued a statement supporting the establishment of the Argentinean  Air Force committee on investigation of the UFO phenomenon. 

Exopolitics Argentina is working for a research focus on the role of extraterrestrial civilizations in human affairs, and not just on UFOs as an isolated phenomenon. 

Exopolitics Argentina’s website is at

Nations that are declassifying UFO files have generally avoided explicitly identifying the source of phenomena in their files as extraterrestrial life. 

ne notable exception is that of extraterrestrial disclosure by the Bulgarian Space Research Institute in 2009.

In Nov. 2009, Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Bulgarian space research institute, said: “Aliens are currently all around us and are watching us all the time.

“They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.

“They are ready to help us but we don’t know what to request from them in case of contact.”

“Mr Filipov said ‘he believed humans and aliens would have direct contact in the next ten to 15 years. But it would be through telepathy rather than radio waves’, he added.

“‘Even then, we might not see eye-to-eye with them, he warned. Referring to our interference with nature, he said: ‘Extraterrestrials are critical of people’s amoral behaviour.'”

Some observers believe Mr. Filipov’s disclosures were the most significant extraterrestrial-related story of 2009.

With the formation of its UFO investigation committee, the Argentine Air Force now joins Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela as nations who have disclosed or are in the process of disclosing classified UFO files.

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