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Thoughts from a UFO Digest Reader:

Ok guys this post ain’t about dreams however I think it could be connected to my visions, I never told anybody because I didn’t want to be made fun of or be ridiculed because of the ignorant and skeptics out there, anyway it all started when I was 24 years old I thought I was dreaming when I seeing an image looked like a female angel with wings wearing a white dress I ‘m thinking this was a humanoid, so I just ignored it and fell back asleep until it appeared again and it kept on appearing, but then after a couple of times a different one appeared not human looking more like alien looking, then for a couple of years it stopped, now your wondering what stopped well the abductions stopped that’s what stopped, but then after a couple of years of nothing it happened to me last month.

First I seen a huge glowing orange ball the size of the sun coming out of the water and no it wasn’t the sun at 2 am in the morning, I ‘m thinking it was an ORB or a UFO it was really bright and big then after a couple minutes it disappeared in a flash, then a couple weeks later I was paralyzed in bed I couldn’t move except for my left arm when I opened my eyes I see a 3 to 4 foot tall creature standing by my bed I think it was a Grey I tried to reach it and when I do I couldn’t touch it, it was like there was an invisible force field around him cause my hand stopped like there was a wall there in front of him, remember that old saying don’t blink or you will miss something well I blinked and then he/she/it disappeared then I could move again and then I realized there back, no I ain’t making this up just remember what I told you paralyzing, cant move, while your asleep or awake in bed, and if a doctor tells you it’s stress or some syndrome then tell him I hope they visit you too, oh I want to say this 2 weeks before 911 happened I had a vision of buildings falling and people falling from the sky if you read my first post you will find this, well before those visions I made contact so I ‘m really thinking that when they come to visit us some are experimenting, some are exploring and some are putting information in our heads, because out of all these contacts I always have these visions.

I ‘m thinking maybe I ‘m a messenger I ‘m so glad they have chosen me to be one of the messengers, because I ‘m no longer in fear of them and I ‘m honored to deliver these messages, I ‘m also glad that I haven’t had the malevolent ones visit me yet even though the benevolent ones do experiment, for example 1 night I woke up and had a hole in my foot I mean I could see in my foot a little black hole, but there was no blood coming out of my foot and I showed my mom and she was baffled then a couple hours later my foot was fine no hole like it never happened and a lot of other scars be appearing on me out of no where, that I don’t remember happening to me by injury trust me I would know, oh my mother also experienced similar things I have.

She had her leg grabbed while she was waking up and started screaming my name, so I ran to her and she was covered under her blanket covering her head calling my name saying it grabbed me, crying and sobbing so I told her don’t worry about that they won’t hurt you.

I don’t think it was going to hurt her I just think it was trying to communicate with her but she freaked out that’s the thing about us as humans we think we are the only ones on this planet and in the universe but we are not so some people react differently, even my dog had her experience too when she one day started staring at the bathroom freaking out running behind me in my room I went to look and didn’t see anything, so that’s my experiences I had maybe hopefully you will come out and stop hiding from the truth and reveal your experiences, don’t be scared if you want to talk just do it on here don’t be afraid of the government or other forces, because what you don’t realize is we have good forces watching us and they will help us when the time comes, remember there can’t be bad without good and good without bad, peace and love my people.

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