No, I do not believe that UFOs exist… because I now know they exist.

                Mind you, it took until I was 63, and flippantly suggested in an e.mail  to you, Robert (UFO Digest editor Robert D. Morningstar) that you let the Hudson River crafts know when you could be camera-ready.

                Within weeks, I was presented with a close, brief, evidenced appearance  (passed behind an intervening tree and emerged beyond it).

Do I believe that Aliens exist?

                Of course, I don’t believe Aliens exist…even the simplest Math tells us they must exist.

Do I believe that Aliens exist here…and now?

                O.K. , This is “belief” country…and why you Robert, and Dirk (Dirk Vander Ploeg, publisher of UFO Digest) are spending lifetimes amassing data to take this from a question to an answered question.

                Currently, my answer has to be that I neither believe, nor disbelieve…but I shall keep an open mind.

Who’s Operating the UFOs that I acknowledge?

Beyond a domestic variation, if Time Travel EVER becomes possible, it could be us .The distances Aliens would have to travel, would, in effect have to involve Time Travel…which leads me to ask ”What are we – chopped liver?”

And finally, it could be Aliens, but I’m going to hazard a guess that most races would be largely into cosmic navel-gazing if time travel became possible…including us.

I try to stay within parameters I can understand;

                Absolute Zero and the Speed of Light…the two brackets of energy applied to matter.

                Life and Entropy…Life expands, while entropy collapses.




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