The nearly seventy year mystery of UFOs has still not been solved or revealed in any satisfactory sense. That  UFO/ET experiencers both inside and outside the national security state, the former being whistleblowers, have not produced a solution to this most aggravating and persistent of daily phenomena weighs hard on reason.  How is such a thing possible? Is it because they, the aliens, are so far advanced over us that they don’t have to worry about the sentient apes penetrating their systems?  Is it because intelligence agencies throughout the world are supremely competent at keeping secrets?  Or is it possibly because the aliens that really matter are so far ahead of human notions of auto-transportation that they don’t even use UFOs?  Although we can’t seem to fathom how ET might establish a presence in our solar system without UFOs, recent thinking has considered the possibility in terms of inter-dimensional travel, various quantum and string-theory-based possibilities.  It should not surprise us if beings a billion years more advanced than us transport themselves in some way other than auto-propelled carriages.

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The Peekskill meteor impact of October 9, 1992 (Gannett Suburban Newspaper photo).
The license plate numbers “933” over-scored by the chrome accent seem to “augur” comet Shoemaker-Levy 9’s appearance in March 1993  five months later. Note the “skill” and precision, not to mention the knowledge of impact mechanics, demonstrated. The recovered 27.3 pound Peekskill meteorite was 4″ x 5″ x 11″; the dimensions of the car signal-light are approximately 5″ x 22″.  Both the car and meteorite were exhibited together in the American Museum of Natural History in NYC in 1993. The fireball from which the meteorite came was seen a little before 8 p.m. (prime-time) in at least eight U.S. states and filmed from six of them.
The impact occurred Oct.9, 1992, three (3) days before NASA-Ames commenced the “Targeted Search”, a 100 million dollar SETI project, on October 12, 1992, and three (3) days before the American Quincentennial (Columbus discovered America Oct. 12, 1492).  NASA’s hypothesis was and remains a simple  one: ET exists. ET’s semiotic reply: “Right,  Ames! (we do exist). Of course, the ET investigators at Ames Research Center were only looking for intelligently produced radio-wave signals (not meteoritic signals), and so missed ET’s reply.  Many other extraordinary details and coincidences seem to confirm that the meteor event was, in fact, intelligently fashioned as a multi-eloquent, albeit semiotic, overture of greeting.

But can a non-UFO ET theory be seen as anything but sacrilege?  It shouldn’t, really. Reports that alien spacecraft reside in secret hangars are anything but confirmed.  The people who have reported seeing them at Area 51 might easily be duped into thinking they saw crashed saucers when all they really saw were models.   What’s more, the art and science of film special effects (Fx) is certainly nothing less than amazing these days.

“National Security” is a convenient catch-all excuse to black-box the whole subject, and use it for propaganda purposes. Governments have proven their capacity to be nothing less than nefarious when it comes to disseminating disinformation, and one should certainly expect the subject of UFOs to be exploited to help promote one agenda or another.  

One question is, why would advanced aliens need to collude with generals and the like? Is there anything they could possibly want that they couldn’t take or find elsewhere?  If these unknown generals or property owners (Area 51 seems not to belong to the US government) have dead aliens staked out or embalmed, would this endear them to aliens sufficiently to cause aliens to collude with them?  The idea that elite cabals are able to compel aliens to do anything seems incredible on its face.

Another question is why wouldn’t the aliens have thought about the inevitable contingency that someday one of their ships would crash on our planet, allowing some of their most valuable secrets to be acquired by primitive and opportunistic aliens (humans)?  Why wouldn’t they have taken measures to preclude any such capture or exploitation of their technology and genotype?  A simple auto-destruct mechanism would do the trick.  The idea that advanced aliens would overlook this makes no sense.  

That UFOs are real is not the issue because numerous cases have been satisfactorily confirmed as being of a non-alien type.  This includes secret experimental military aircraft, weather balloons, holograms, inversion layers, conventional aircraft (e.g. when under certain atmospheric conditions the wings of a jet appear to disappear), hallucinations (e.g. from an acid trip), hoaxes, and, most recently, drones, to name a few.  These are not alien in origin, yet many in the UFO field insist that all this comprises but a substantial percentage of the cases, not all cases. If it is true that some small percentage of unexplainable cases are alien space/air craft, then we are back to the aliens-are-just-too-advanced-for-us theory.  Such a theory makes sense inasmuch as they have at least proven themselves eminently spaceworthy, where we humans have not.

So what does a non-UFO alien theory look like?  For one thing, the aliens will probably not resemble humans, reptiles or any other Earth inhabitant.  For another thing, they will probably be well beyond transporting themselves in space carriages or other faulty contraptions. Having survived and even flourished over a long period of time, they will probably have transcended the will-to-power-for-its-own-sake thing that seems to obsess and plague humankind.  If their intentions were malevolent they would have almost certainly taken our planet for themselves by now, men with spears or even stars on their shoulders notwithstanding.  So we are left with benevolent entities that just happen to be even more advanced over us than Chris Columbus and the Conquistadors were over the indigenous natives found in the new world.  But give such an advantage to humans and they’ll exploit it to the hilt every time.

Because extra-terrestrials are, in hindsight, essentially benevolent toward us, followers of Nietzche, Darwin (“survival of the fittest”) and Machiavelli would no doubt find such kindly restraint more than a little perplexing.  Perhaps this is just a human thing, a thing that puts the ape-like creature a crawl, a few steps, and a roll from the primordial swamp.  We should at least be careful not to automatically transfer human traits onto extra-terrestrials, especially if we consider what could be the “extra” in extra-terrestrial.    

How would aliens express themselves to humans? Would they express themselves to us at all, any more than we would attempt to express ourselves to ants in an anthill?  The answer, it turns out, is not terribly hard to find, because the facts strongly suggest that they have expressed, even revealed, themselves to us.

Take 21 comets crashing into Jupiter, for example. This happened in July 1994 and could count as the kind of thing aliens might pull off to augur and celebrate the ape-man’s 21st century.  Yet who in the world thought it odd that the number of comet fragments just happened to be twenty-one? Almost no one.  Comets have been thought for millenia by human societies to be messages from the gods, harbingers of great change and  disasters to come. The notion is very much a human thing, after all.

That advanced aliens might use their overarching technology to interface with our world in this manner is consistent with what we know about aliens.  They do seem to maintain a hands-off approach where humans are concerned. That is, direct contact with our species has so far been a no-no, but this does not preclude indirect contact being made (alas!).

The great comet crash of 1994 was certainly hard to miss, and the event won’t be going away anytime soon. There’s hardly anything in the world scientists enjoy more than to watch really really big explosions. The 21 impacts of Jupiter were the most energetic events of any kind ever seen in this solar system.  Period.  They were documented, filmed, photgraphed, and studied nine ways to Sunday by the world’s astronomical community. Scientists were bouncing off the walls for six days while fragments A through W (I and O were not used) pummeled the gas giant from July 16 to 22. According to one estimate, fragment “G” alone released about 600 times the energy of all the nuclear bombs on Earth!

Maybe the alien message to astronomers was that they should begin to study asteroids and their impacts.  This bio-galactic reality was pretty much laughed off by science before 1994 as something that happened millions of years ago but no longer.  It would be a damn shame if such a promsing but planet-bound species should go extinct from something so simple and stupid as the impact of some comet or asteroid, without that species having had much of a clue about this particular danger.  Shoemaker-Levy 9 sure woke scientists up to the reality in a hurry, so much so that they only then began to study asteroids. So there was extraterrestrial communication and a human response to it, after all. In spite of NASA’s denial that the 21 comets could have been a message to them from aliens, “the message” got through loud and clear, anyway.

Project NEAR, the Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous, launched from Cape Canaveral just three years after Shoemaker-Levy 9 was discovered.  After a four year journey that included fly-bys of Earth (Jan. 1998) and asteroids Mathilde (June 1997) and Eros (December 1998), NEAR began orbiting the 21-mile-long asteroid Eros on Feb. 14, 2000. Maybe this was exactly what the designers of SL-9 had in mind when they fashioned the so-called “string of pearls.”

Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 and its aftermath may not be the only interworld interface that has taken place.  2013 saw two record-breaking asteroid events occur on the same day,  February 15.  The tip off here was that the two asteroids were completely unrelated, astronomically. The European Space Agency, among others, confirmed as much.  The two asteroids, one 45-60 feet in diameter, the other 150 feet in diameter, just happened the same day, that’s all.  What a “coincidence!” The odds of any of these events happening exactly as they did are simply ridiculous, and yet they are the most fully documented and conspicuous meteor events ever.  “Hello.”

The smaller asteroid exploded in the air over Russia causing perhaps one billion rubles worth of window damage and about 1,100 facial cuts of Russians standing anywhere near the shattering windows. Of the 1,158 people who applied for medical assistance, 52 were hospitalized, including 13 children. If the asteroid/bolide had held together for a few more seconds and thus exploded lower in the atmosphere it would have killed a million Russians.  Although it was damn close, nobody died.  Talk about precision.  Talk about in-our-face.

The larger asteroid, called 2012 DA14, passed underneath Earth orbiting satellites to become the largest space rock that astronomers have ever known about in advance.  As the name implies, asteroid 2012 DA14 was spotted in 2012, and was fully expected to pass by the Earth when it did; the smaller Chelyabinsk asteroid was a complete surprise, however, as it woke up the entire Ural Mountain region, at sunrise, with a super-loud and bright flash-bang.

The fact that the two “unrelated” record-breaking asteroids should exert pressure on our world barely 16 hours apart could be coincidence, of course; so could the appearance and impact of “21” (not 1, not 4, or 12 or 18) comets. On the other hand, they could be the only way ethical extraterrestrials allow themselves to communicate with our world.  The technique certainly doesn’t give away anything of strategic value, such as where they come from, where their “posts” are located, or how they are able to maintain their contact embargo and presence here without our detecting them.

But there are other excellent benefits to such an approach: they get to “control the verticle and the horizontal”, so to speak. SETI scientists, and therefore governments, would necessarily disavow any notion of asteroids being signals from ET.  The notion is in no way “scientific”, after all.  Besides, the pan-cultural belief in comets and firey rocks in the sky as “messages from the gods” comes to us from that soft academic area called history, and therefore can’t possibly matter.  What’s more, the world was not substantively changed by the events.  Aside from opening up the issue of large impacts, and except for some footnotes in future history and astronomy books, there was no interference in human history or worldviews, no DEFCON alerts, no panic in the streets, no possibility of government censure and propaganda, the latter because the events were made available to all mankind.  In short, the status quo was maintained. And yet a human/ET interface did take place.  What  a wonderful device, what a great little system!

Perhaps if we broadened our investigative approach and afforded ET the benefit of a doubt by listening to what they are saying by such incredibly unlikely and world-shaking events, we can make progress on the extra-terrestrial question. It’s not about the cars, after all, its about what’s in the mind of the entities allegedly inside them. On the other hand, we can continue to beat our heads against the brick wall of UFOs and get nowhere for another sixty-five years.

The corporate media will not cover the most important, profound and conspicuous news of our time. But then, those that control the media and governments don’t want the public to know anything of any importance. Where ET disclosure is concerned, this is being reserved for a global takeover when a UFO ruse will or won’t be utilized, depending if Area 51 engineers can get enough of the bugs out.  Advanced (secret) engineering is not yet ready to implement the global takedown the hege-demonic elites seek; although it has been sufficiently advanced to propagandize the public with “inexplicable” events for some time, which lays the groundwork for the UFO false flag events to come.   Like so many other key areas of propaganda that the elites fund (e.g. the global warming hoax and false flag terrorism), UFOs are a significant part of this covert agenda matrix.  The designer(s) of Peekskill/Shoemaker/Chelyabinsk are in no way a party to the charade and totalitarian plan, however, nor are they amused by it, to be sure…  On the positive side, readers of this article will now know more about genuine extraterrestrials than the elites, who have no idea that they really exist.

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