From Skeptic To Believer – My Encounter

UFOs, aliens and abductions are the stuff of fantasy. Or so I thought. Then I saw a UFO and my worldview changed overnight. I woke up. I didn’t mention the encounter to anyone, I didn’t phone the papers, or report it to a UFO hotline. But it occurred to me later that this is probably exactly how most UFOs encounters turn out. Unreported. Perhaps most people would prefer to lie back on their reclining sofa, turn the TV on and pretend it never happened.

My Encounter

It wasn’t very dramatic. No flashing lights, no black helicopters. Around 3am, unable to sleep, I got up and for some reason glanced out of the window. And there it was. Very high up, and just a ball of light. It wasn’t a star, and it certainly wasn’t a plane. It hung there, over the houses in the distance. I waited for it to move. I grabbed some binoculars, but could not make out any features. It was too far away, and I suddenly understood why all the UFO videos you see are so shaky. When something is that far away it’s just impossible to keep an optical instrument still and in focus. I watched for fifteen minutes. Then, quite suddenly, it shot up straight into the air, exactly like the recent Dome of the Rock UFO, in Jerusalem. I was astonished. I went to bed simply not knowing what to think. There was no great moment of revelation, no panic, my mind did not race. I just knew I’d seen a UFO. As ridiculous as that seemed, it was how I felt. Calm. And absolutely sure.

Looking For Answers

The next day began some serious research. I’d never believed in UFOs, but now I wanted to know more. Beginning with YouTube I watched the latest UFO posts avidly. I saw the Antonio Urzi footage, and was staggered. I watched the fascinating STS-75 Columbia tether incident, the Phoenix lights reports, Jamie Mussan’s latest analysis on the Dome of the Rock incident, the press conference by the Disclosure Project, and the historian Richard Dolan for Project Camelot. The last documentary I watched was a lecture by Linda Moulton-Howe on cattle mutilations. I could not believe what I was seeing. The question in my mind very quickly became not whether UFOs existed – they clearly did – but what they were.

What They Are Not

Those who theorize that these manifestations are ‘satanic’ I simply cannot believe. There is too much evidence for the physical existence of UFOs, and too many credible encounters with nuts and bolts vehicles. Physical traces, high Gieger Counter readings at landing sites, radiation burns on witnesses and scientifically analyzed animal mutilation cases all point towards a real physical phenomena. Listening to the many senior military witnesses who spoke at the famous Disclosure Project Press Conference convinced me that there is something happening which the US Government in particular are desperate to hide. Why just the US? After years of patient pressure by serious researchers the Mexican government have admitted UFOs exist, opened their files and freely admit they have no idea what is going on. Other governments have been more open too.

Conspiracy Theories

There are as many conspiracy theories surrounding UFOs as there are sightings it seems. As a newcomer to the field it’s frustrating to try and pick your way through them. Some I dismiss out of hand. I don’t believe Niburu is on its way. I just don’t. Just as comet Elenin turned out to be a damp squib, so will Niburu. Whilst I respect the views of others, it is one conspiracy theory too far. I do suspect there is wide disinformation being put out by security agencies, and again one must ask why. I was told early on to ignore anything from the European Union Times website, Sorcha Faal and most reports by Benjamin Fulford as probable disinformation, and I am minded to take that advice. However, The Disclosure Movement Press Conference, organized by Dr Steven Greer, changed the playing field in my view. Quite simply it has become impossible to discredit and/or silence every witness, many of whom are prepared to testify on oath. The only answer is to distract, ignore and resist.

Energy and Dollars

That the US is so unwilling to disclose any information suggests to me that they have something to hide, and it is most likely to concern money and energy. Like the impressive academic Richard Dolan, I believe it is partly government unwillingness to potentially destabilize world belief systems and financial structures that is behind resistance to disclosure. The issue of free energy (government suppression of the means to produce) makes perfect sense. Quite simply, I believe the power elite need money circulating through the oil industry. The military machine is another massive money-making concern, which needs to be kept happy. I do believe there is technology far in advance of that which we are aware of, in the hands of military scientists and engineers. I found Bob Lazar a compelling witness.

Earthly Explanations

Many craft, I am convinced, are of earthly origin, probably back-engineered. We know about Aurora, and I am convinced that there are other highly advanced machines in government hands. Whether the US government is testing public reaction to disclosure we can only speculate. But as 2012 approaches the number of sightings does seem to be rising. It would be a convenient time to disclose. As oil runs out the world elite need a new narrative, and it needs to be one they control. As Dolan suggests, once they disclose the existence of UFOs, the immediate question of why on earth they have kept the knowledge hidden for perhaps as long as sixty years is going to be pressing. If they’ve had free energy for that long they will have some seriously angry citizens to deal with.


My journey from skeptic to believer has been a fascinating one, full of conspiracy and rumour. I don’t know the answers, but I know more of the questions that I want to ask, and that cannot be a bad thing. The journey continues.

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