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Last weekend I took a trip to St. Augustine, Florida. It took about three hours to get there from the West Coast. We visited some of the more historic monuments during the day, including one of the oldest Forts built by the Spanish after Ponce de Leon discovered the Florida “Paradise” and the Old Lighthouse. In the evening, I took my SONY digital camera out attempting to capture images of anything out of the ordinary. I will say that when I snapped the still photographs, there was nothing in front of me. I had adjusted the camera to nighttime and twilight. I took photos of utter darkness, I thought, how frustrating…I’m taking pictures of dark nothingness, but when I got the photographs home the following day, several things appeared on these pictures that were anything but ordinary.

The first sequence was taken at the Park near the Old Lighthouse. The property was said to have its haunts, among them, a young girl who had drowned on the premises. One image depicts a young girl, in Victorian white dress, standing still while to the middle of the image, almost in the tree, appears a white horse (which were often used then to get through the town’s narrow roads).

The second anomaly was a series of lights that appear out of utter darkness and a white mist around these lightening strikes. It almost appears as though the entities or energies were attempting to form a word to my camera. The third image (taken in front of the Old Jail Building (Est. 1891) clearly shows an image above a bright blue lightening strike, except this strike was close to the ground. In this image, there are orange lights that swirl through the rest of the photograph. When I began filming with my video camera the remainder of the trip through the Old Jail, Orbs (a known way of describing ghost appearances on film) began shooting out from the building, as if they were expecting our visit and didn’t want to be disturbed.

The photographs must be seen in full detail and size to be appreciated and I would be glad to allow readers of UFO Digest to see these first hand. These are raw images, unedited and no special effects of any kind added. To see these images in full size go to

Furthermore, when a member of our group threw her hands up in digust during the tour of the Old Lighthouse earlier in the day, shouting, “There are no ghosts here!” I asked her to please be quiet until we left the building. It was not a moment after she said those words I felt two distinct, stabbing pains in my chest. Coincidence? I think not. However, anyone who wishes to view the pictures can visit the site or contact me via email. I also felt a distinct heavy feeling pressing on my chest as we toured the Fort (now the Castillo de los San Marcos National Monument) on South Castillo Drive across from St. George Street.

For the avid ghosthunter, the most haunted cities in the United States are Savannah, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. St. Augustine, established in the 1590’s, is third on that list


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