Good Vibrations-Beginners guide to Aura Entanglement

Regardless of one’s personal views; we all have a unique aura around us. Science is only just now starting to recognize this with recent advances in Aura Photography. However, I will be your guide to the most basic of introductions to Aura Entanglement.

Aura Entanglement, is a fancy phrase for when your aura’s reach extends into another persons aura. This happens all of the time, whenever we are within the vicinity of another spirit; our aura’s “mingle” and mix with each others. However; with practice one can directly or indirectly interact with other individuals on a much higher vibrational frequency then normal and “Entangle” with them…In essence, there is an area in the middle of two peoples…with a single aura.

The implications of Aura Entanglement go far beyond being able to connect with somebody on a more personal level….To the spiritually experienced; you can disrupt, heal, or change the persons aura…Thus, giving you more control (Depending on how you wish to use your gift.. I’m leaving it open for positive and negative uses)

Step one: Awareness.
You must be consciously aware of your own aura….Whether you do this through meditation (best way) or through photography….You have to connect with your “Higher self;” The part of you that rests beyond consciousness. You *Must* be able to imagine your own aura vividly; as the more powerful you can project your aura–the more control you will have during entanglement.

Step two: Projecting
If you can picture your aura clearly and confidently…you’re ready for step two (Partner time!) When you’re in close vicinity to another person; your aura’s will naturally entangle…as you’re both occupying the same space. However, with awareness and projecting–you can control your space through subtle influence. This is done by feeling or seeing another persons aura, and forcing your Aura on to theirs…

“”Exercise on projecting””
Imagine you’re back in high school. Your teacher pulls down the white board over the chalk, and rolls the big projector to the middle of the room. Now imagine that the white board is your partner’s Aura….and that you are the projector. Whatever you place on the projector; is beamed onto the white board. Whatever you want the white board to show you….is exactly what you put on the projector. (Further example: If you wish others to view you as confident….you must project confidence into the world. Vice versa, if you wish to hide yourself from the world. You must project weakness)

Step Three: Entangling
Once you have projected your aura into theirs…The entanglement has already been started. This is where you must choose your own path; as they all lead to spiritual enlightenment. I will give you a few examples of what can be done.

(Vibrational Healing)
Somebody who is mentally stressed or ill can be cured through Entanglement + Vibrational Healing. Once your aura’s are entangled….You must project a *bright green* light into them. Green is the color of healing and empathy, so you may find yourself “feeling” their stress with them….This is good, as you (being more spiritually aware) can direct negativity into positively 🙂

(Psychic Vampirism)
This one is for those who may not have the calling of the healer….But is not as bad as it sounds. Once your auras are entangled…Instead of projecting into your partner…You will be borrowing some of their energy…Once you feel that entanglement, you can “breathe” their aura in….Giving you a(very physically real) rush through your body…

(Empathic Learning)
My personal favorite use of Aura Entanglement. Once your auras are intertwined….You can quite literally put yourself into another persons Soul. Through guided conversation about the individuals life experiences…With enough practice, you can “feel” as they felt. their fear, confidence, anxiety, all of those emotions create a unique memory experience that is necessary when learning…And through Entanglement; you can learn what someone else has learned simply by being around them and listening to them (Listening is key to feeling)

This being my first post; I only wish to spark that curiosity in people. Everybody walks their own path to enlightenment.


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