Hiding the truth about youself.

When I was growing up, it was considered that having an ability or gift was either the work of the devil or there was something mentally wrong with you. My life has been one long denial after another. For example,I was coming home with my parents and younger sister when I answered a question which I thought he had asked.

His reply seemed strange when he asked how knew what he had thinking and before he had put the question out in the open. It was a very chilling feeling and I had to have suitable answer. I said that the answer was a logical conclusion to the conversation that was in progress.

I don’t think he was ever convinced and he would not say why.  This was the first instance where I not only knew but felt there had to more. From that time on I searched for answers an d develop to a small degree an emotional empathy for all people around me. I have also delved into the esoteric area of the human mind. This involved study into dreams and their meaning,why Buddhist priests in both China and other Asian countries believe that the mind is the ultimate in logic and spirituality.

Their teachings are extremely deep and need several lifetimes to truly understand this philosophy .In the western world our own most profound thinkers and philosophers in their own way believe these same conclusions. I have study and basically have come to a standstill as all the information that I have been able to procure has come to finish. I would so like to be able to continue not only for myself but for my family to have as a legacy that will keep forging ahead into future generations.  

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