How a Voice from the Spirit Realm Saved My Life

Angels, ghosts, and the supernatural have been a big part of my life since an early age, and through the years God and the angels, and at times even ghosts, have protected and guided me. They have come to my aid in numerous ways and even have helped me with physical work. I don’t think I’d be here to tell you about the angels now, if it weren’t for the fact that they have constantly protected me. Once my life was dramatically saved by a voice from the spirit realm. I’m convinced that it was not just a spirit but an actual angel.

The fact that the angels have done these things for me convinces me that angels are ready to help anyone and everyone. Why? Because I am a very ordinary person – not famous, not powerful, not wealthy, and certainly not saintly. The scriptures tell us that God commands the angels to protect us.

The Lord will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. Psalm 91:11

Let me tell you about the night the angels saved my life. I was a college student, waiting for the rest of my scene design class to arrive at the theater. We had to build the scenery for a production of “South Pacific.” Since I was the first to arrive, I sat down in an old folding chair on the stage and got out my unabridged Shakespeare to catch up on my reading.

I was the only person present in the theater. Nevertheless, as soon as I sat down, I distinctly heard the command, “Get out of the way!” I looked around to see who had spoken, but no one was there.

I thought, “I’m not in anybody’s way. I’m the only person here.”

The first time I heard, “Get out of the way!” it sounded like the voice of someone in the theater. It sounded like that several times, the same words repeating in the empty theater. Then it seemed to crawl inside my head to repeat itself, but it still sounded like someone else was saying, “Get out of the way.” It had a very distinct and different sound from my usual thoughts and felt nothing like my usual thought process.

I told myself that I was imagining things, and I tried to control my thoughts and get rid of that voice that kept repeating, “Get out of the way.”

That night I had a lot of reading to do, so I sat there, trying to read, and the phrase kept repeating itself: “Get out of the way! Get out of the way!” Other students began to arrive on the stage, but I still sat in the old chair and tried to read.

Finally, the command “Get out of the way!” got louder and louder in my mind and repeated over and over like an urgent scream. I thought if I couldn’t get that phrase out of my mind and focus on my reading, then I should get busy with the scenery.

As “Get out of the way!” screamed in my mind like an alarm, I stood up and pulled the folding chair about six feet toward the back of the stage. Before I could take my hand off the chair, a huge metal lighting batten, weighing hundreds of pounds, fell with a loud boom on the exact spot where I had been sitting. It shook the stage, and several people screamed in fright.

I had moved out of the way just in time. If I had sat there only a few seconds longer, I would have been killed. The supernatural message of what I believe was an angel saved me even though I did all I could to ignore it!

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