How does a UFO move?


We have been listening and reading about UFOs. Creatures from other worlds have been trying to explore our World. How do they survive? How do they look? What do they eat? How long do they live?

What do they look like: they can be in form of particles, mountains or may be equal to size of planets.

Life cycle: may be of millions of years or life cycle may be as small for few minutes and get again regenerated in new life without washing out their memories.

Growth: Creatures from outside world may remain stationary for years and might moving like mountains and not changing shapes for years. 

Everyone has own concepts about aliens or external body creatures, I do keep wondering about the movement of these creatures. How do they move, from where they get energy, how they are able to fuel their vehicle for such long distance? I would like to share the concepts I am developing and would like invite questions on it.

HOW do they make movement?

Assumption: they are too small in size;

They work in a team of millions. Together they form a cluster or in form of cyclone. Every individual particle is a living creature. In group energy they move and make a form of UFO. What we term UFO might be made up of millions of creatures, they may take a shape of moving body or desired moving shape which helps in movement.

Individual creature or particle having enormous energy might be getting integrated in a group to form a big object.

Millions of such creatures get integrated to form a shape, Now questions is how they move?

Imagine a atmosphere in front of UFO: where atmosphere is there, there will be nitrogen also. Intelligent creatures capable of liquefying nitrogen will liquefy nitrogen present in front of the object thus creating vacuum in front and resulting in movement of the UFO.

Liquified Nitrogen gets accumulated in rear end, this liquefied nitrogen will again evaporate and creature pressure in rear end on evaporation, this will again give thrust to the vehicle to move ahead.

This process of liquification and evaporation will help in movement of UFO.

This theory becomes practical when the atmosphere is there but what when there is no atmosphere, how does it move.

Creature might be converting their own mass into form of energy continuously. This energy may be utilized for movement of UFO. It is possible that the shape of the UFO is continuously changing. This is just like sacrificing bodies to generate the energy. This can be even thought in concept of radioactive material which disintegrates to give energy.

I wanted to share this concept to you all; questions are invited to give thrust to creative Imaginations.

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