In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth

The creation theory is something that has, as far as I can remember, been an idea that has both captured and tormented my imagination. I’ve spent hundreds of hours reading and studying different ideologies and writings from not just the Christian bible, but many other of the widely accepted faiths from around the world.

From what I’ve studied. I’ve been able to ascertain one definite truth, these texts discuss eerily similar events and ideas, that defy all mainstream opinions and the collective belief of modern religion.

Now before you find yourself tempted to click ‘unfollow’ and weigh up the odd’s of ever engaging in conversation with me ever again, I challenge you to consider this: I am not alone in my views. In fact, millions of people across the globe are beginning to believe and accept that our race may have been visited thousands of years ago by beings which have since developed into the ‘Gods’ many worship today.

I understand that extra-ordinary claims require extra-ordinary evidence in equal measure, and I will be the first to tell you that I have yet to find anything solid that inconclusively proves the ancient alien theories. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that there is more to our past as a species than we are being taught both in school and by mainstream scientists and historians today.

The point of this writing isn’t to explain to you the countless theories and evidences that back this up, a few hours of research in your own time can do far more than my written accounts ever could. The purpose of this is to give you my view on what has already become I huge part of my life, it may be fair to suggest that I have become a slave to my own obsession. Regardless, there are worse obsessions I could subscribe to and I believe it is time for me to share some part of my story with you.

My story begins with a family holiday in France. I was 14 at the time and was beginning to comfortably settle into my teenage mould and had, like many others my age, already developed a define opinion of the world around me. I can remember the night that changed everything I believed at the time more vividly than say, some of my other memories from that time. It was the 4th night of the holiday, and I was walking back from the onsite club and bar with my family. My father and sister led the pack with me and my mother trailing at the back. She has always had a broad fascination with the night sky, and spent most of the walk back staring into the stars. I remember her stopping and surveying the heavens for several seconds, I decided to stop with her and wait. I’ll never forget the tone of her voice when she said, ‘Jordan, look up’, it was a tone that didn’t require a ‘why?’, just an immediate action of compliance. I stared up into the sky, and struggled for a moment or two to spot what had caught her attention. It wasn’t long before my eyes fixed upon 3 glowing objects, burning brighter than the stars. I suddenly felt as if my brain had suddenly switched on properly for the first time. There was no horror, or shock, just a deep sense of curiosity and wonder. It is a sensation which I’ve never felt since then, but I will carry with me for the rest of my life. We watched the 3 objects dart around each other in the sky, stopping and moving at 90 degree angles. They toyed with each other playfully, almost as if partaking in some form of areal game. We watched the orbs for 10 minutes, before agreeing it was becoming too cold and decided to catchup with the rest of our family.

That night changed a lot of things for me. Never before had I felt so small as I had done in those several short moments. I was filled with a sudden rush of excitement which I am proud to say, has stayed with me to this very day. When you begin to accept how very little we know about life, our planet and indeed the stars around us, it rapidly changes your views. That night I was awoken to something so deep, my concepts of the world changed. It’s not a realisation you can pass on with words, but only as an experience.

Eight short years ago, I woke up, and I realised that the life I knew wasn’t real. The history and religion I’d been taught at school was nothing short of a fantasy, or at it’s most, elaborate guess work. I began to re-evaluate my previous taught knowledge and view it through an outlandish looking glass. Which has irrevocably given me the views I have today.

As I wrote previously, I’m not sharing this with you in order to shake your belief system to it’s core. I am simply encouraging you to do something that my own mother has blessed me with, and that is to never let anyone discourage you from looking up.

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