Light Beings in Dulce

Dulce, New Mexico, with its surrounding small communities, has captured the interest of individuals around the world who have a fascination for UFOs, and the intrigue of alien bases, underground tunnels, and inter-dimensional portals.

A life long obsession with UFOs and related subjects resulted in my taking an early retirement and moving to this area. It was a choice between Aztec, Roswell or Lumberton, which borders the Jicarilla Apache Reservation where the Archuleta Mesa is located. It seemed as if Roswell and Aztec were important historical sites, while the Dulce area was alive with ongoing UFO activity.

When the realtor showed me the view of the famous Archuleta Mesa from the back yard my choice was easy. I purchased the house and started my study in earnest. Living in this area has been everything I had hoped it to be in terms of observing first hand the many things I have only read about.

There are UFOs and other sophisticated craft to be observed both day and night, and I have found that the best way to capture them photographically is with a digital camera. Enhancing the images on the computer brings out sophisticated craft not readily seen with the eye.

One of the most unusual things I have discovered in the area is what I might call “Light Beings.” Taking photographs of the night sky I found numerous light forms that took on the appearance of actual life forms, some with hydra or snakeheads. This is not camera trickery or camera shake, and the color has not been altered. I am attaching one of these images for review and suggest that others start looking for similar beings. It would be interesting to learn if these Light Beings are world wide or is it just something I happened to stumble upon.

It is my suspicion that these are traveling around the world by following the ley lines that cover the earth. It might even be possible that the mythical characters handed down from early peoples were not creations of the imagination, but rather what they actually saw in the sky.

Family medical situations require that I relocate and therefore put my home on the market through the IronHorse Realty in Chama, NM.

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