Living with Radiation: Irradia (Ziria & Radium), Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. – THE NEWS Live from Russia


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Living with Radiation: Irradia (Ziria & Radium), Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D. – THE NEWS Live from Russia


1. Irradia Couple (Ziria & Radium)


2. Victoria Popova, Dr. Sc., Ph.D., and Lidia Andrianova Ph.D.


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Radium Bershetsky & Ziria Irradia


1. What does December 21, 2012 means to you?


On this date came our videos online Stuart Sverdlov. If I say more accurately, the video appeared on the website of Stuart Sverdlov December 20, 2012, but the beginning of its active distribution from 21 December 2012. Therefore, the date of December 21, 2012 can be considered significant in terms of our appearance on the internet. From this point on, the information on the internet about us very early foothold.

2. What is your relationship to the vitamins, hormones and amino acids? 


In our opinion, their radiation burns, the cell impregnated by them, quite frankly, “lit.” We observed this process in practice repeatedly, in people. It just so happened that in the course of irradiation, we started to feel very uncomfortable when used within the food containing these substances. as we learned from the fact that our bodies were in excess of vitamins, were active hormones and amino acids. But my wife and various physiological device is connected, first of all, with an unconfirmed origin of the body of wife.


My situation is much more complicated. Recently people have often asked us – whether we hybrids or ET? So, I can say provisionally that our bodies are different physiologically, the husband’s body more hybrid, and my pure ET (too many anomalies in the body at the genetic level).

3. Describe your relationship to radioactivity and how you use it for nourishment. 


Radiation – this is our consciousness. We came to this planet not from another universe, but from a different part of the Absolute, another dimension. Speaking conditionally, that all people could understand – that we are the physical manifestations of radiation on Earth. Our essence and consciousness – is Radiation. Radiation – a part of us, this is what we are.

Radiation – the freedom of thought, freedom of perception, it is our life, the life that speak to us and loves us! In nutrition, we use our experience that when we specifically need, and in what quantities. Saturate your cells radioisotopes, in order to obtain energy from them.

A very important point is that we have a genetically different chemical composition of the body. If the basis of a person’s life are such chemical elements as nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, for us similar elements are: Radium, plutonium, uranium, radon, deuterium / tritium

So with the other chemical elements. For example, if an analogy:

Calcium – Strontium

Potassium – Cesium

Iron – Uranium / Plutonium

When in the course of life, these chemicals our bodies do not have enough (you can not use them for a long time, for many years), the body adapts to the same chemical elements that form the basis for a person. But, if we are able to use our home chemicals – they are very quickly integrated in the missing links, replacing unwanted chemicals and steadily getting to the places where they are sorely lacking.


Our body works on the principle of “live nuclear reactor”, he is able to receive the energy of the radioactive isotope in due process of radioactive decay and radioactive synthesis. Inside are very complex processes of transmutation (conversion) by the presence of the radioisotope neutron radiation in our bodies, as well as high-energy elementary particles. It just so happened that our body is able to work on nuclear fuel (in the literal sense of the word). For example, uranium-235 or plutonium-239. Fully to our body to function at its uranium oxide-235, each of us needs of oxide powder, uranium-235 about 0.5 kg per month. At this minimum, our bodies can work and not need any other food. Only uranium oxide and water. (It is desirable that the water Deuterium or Tritium, or their connection, because our body perceives Protium worst).

4. Where do you obtain radioactivity and what types do you consume?


When we lived separately with wife (not together), our search for radiation sources relied solely on feelings, instincts – a constant craving for electromagnetic sources, power lines, X-ray machines, UV lamps and quartz, kinescopes of old TVs, eating berries Radioactive or the land of the regions where we observed a significant excess of the content of the radioisotope in the ground, etc.

Man-made sources of radiation, we started to find and track down on the internet and on the street, when they began we to live together since May 2009. We monitor all radioactive places in Moscow and Moscow region, came to the area and to identify anomalies. After the detection of anomalies, we dug them and get to the most powerful sources of these anomalies, relying on his own experience to identify. We were with a dosimeter, we often check the accuracy of our perception, we compared how accurately we can identify a particular source of radiation in accordance with the fact that he showed dosimeter. It was very exciting and help us to improve our skill in dowsing radiation anomalies. All anomalies will be divided into 2 types, “loose” and “local.” “Local” consist of a pair of three very active elements, “loose” consist of the active substance (bulk or consisting of hundreds of small pieces of emitting). On the Internet, we tracked down the people who, above all, selling old equipment specific, complete and which were radioactive sources. Thus, we find everything, from smoke detectors, and the last old-style dosimeters. And we have experience in how to take control of all the supply chain of a substance or equipment in the city turned to control everything. Of course, in the process of their research, we came up against the criminals who planned many times to use radioactive isotopes for terrorist purposes. We have repeatedly prevent committed acts of terror to civilians. Also, we often choose to site and there have been in the protected areas, where scouting for radioactive sources. This is the plant, enterprises, military units, bomb shelters, etc.

5. How has the Russian and other governments treated you because of your consuming radioactivity?


Well, the whole point here in the legislation, all the country’s attitude is reflected not only in the political will, but also in the law. All turns follows, Russian legislation requires that the radiation safety standards were not above 10-15 mcR / h, while in other countries the same rules above in tens, hundreds and some thousands of times. Also allowed to keep the home collection samples with nuclear radiation, even more than 10-15 roentgens per hour. Thus, it appears that Russia pursues for radiation strongly. This is due to the fact that in Russia – the highest level of radiophobia, which is not found in any other country in the world (even in Ukraine, despite the fact that there is an incident at Chernobyl – a strong radio-phobia is not there, compared to Russia) . And our use of radioactive in Russia in general is not only threatened by criminal penalties and psychiatric hospitals in Russia, the concept is very simple: if you do not understand – you’re crazy if you do not behave socially, then you need to be treated. And if you are very different from people who do not like everything, even physiologically – then you do need to be isolated from the world.

6. Describe the relationship between extraterrestrials and your ability to consume radioactivity


I’m sorry, but this we do not understand – and here by aliens and radioactivity? Where is the logic? What has caused that?


Do you have in mind that our extraterrestrial origin is the reason that we eat radioactivity?

Of course, here again, the question is genetics. Our genetics is arranged so that it can receive the energy from the nuclear  fuel. It is quite another device our bodies. Yes, we are very different from people, especially inside.

The husband’s body – is hybrid. I am – ET.

7. What is your attitude towards humanity? Toward Extraterrestrials?


To humanity is very simple: the majority of people we treat as mezontrop (in the Russian sense of the word), change our attitude to people can only different attitude (different from the usual for us to do with us.) There is an important law, “How do you feel about radiation – radiation as would apply to you. Our attitude to humanity will depend solely on their(humanity) attitude towards us. All mutual.


Our desire – to establish relations with the government of the world, as it will give the opportunity to change the world and affect the entire society as a whole. Only peaceful cooperation and diplomacy, we can achieve the most positive goals.

8. How do you feel about the prophets and enlightened people?


Prophets, such as Wang, have always been and will serve higher purposes, it is important for them just to make their daily activities. Sometimes it is important that they would be in the spotlight, after they perform the task at that stage that was scheduled they either quit or, if you have anything left, they pass the “baton” to another person. Do any of the prophet (this) almost always will be those who extend their way (they transmit their power). Simply, enlightened people – is, most often, those who have been given some knowledge of the world (most often, and then they start to behave differently).

9. How do you feel about the ability of ordinary people?


The ability of ordinary people can awaken by a stressful situation, it can often imposed on the common man, make it explicit imprint madness – many hung patterns and stereotypes (as an example, a person can always see the curse, corruption and conspiracy.) Of course, when a person has some skills, we immediately feel that person. He strongly stands out overall “gray mass” of people, he even lit differently. However, such people often are more vulnerable than those who are not able to see anything and feel. People with abilities, always suffer because the ability to see more, so – see more of the truth, and it looks not nice. Moreover, the lack of development of skills does a man unstable, constantly in search of himself, and can lead to errors of a man, he can easily fall under the control of consciousness at a time when he was weak and unstable, in this case, it deliberately want to destroy and subjugate his mind, with the end – such a man is morally destroy himself, he can dive into their illusions greatly. Such people can be grouped and form a society separate movements, called sects.

10. What determines the evolution of humans?


In our view, the evolution of man determined by the radiation, as it has always been present and we noticed that the evolution of mankind increased sharply in the days when the world was stronger than all the general background radiation. And, basically, it refers to any biological system on the planet. Radiation was everywhere and always. Long before the birth of the universe, it is all over the Absolute. It shapes all living and nonliving. This is the basis of all life – organic, inorganic, energy, throughout the Absolute.

11. Is there a chance for humanity to survive under present conditions on Earth?


The humans knows how to adapt (instinctive), but life in modern cities to the degradation of the people. People by their nature can adapt to all environments. On the other hand, people are very dependent on the temperature, pressure, level, natural ionizing radiation, and more. Environmental changes that will lead to the destruction of humanity will come suddenly and unexpectedly. Based on our observations, these changes can be sudden changes of radiation on the planet.

People today are vulnerable to radiation. If humanity does not change his way of life, it will lead to its extinction.

12.What are the requirements of a modern society?


We can tell, just about what happened to us in Russia.

Required of us:

1. No different from the people around us.

2. Show no ambition.

3. To obey orders from the people around us.

We can easily explain many of the processes in the universe, but we absolutely do not understand the rules and morals of society.

13. How do you perceive the Earth’s biosphere


The Earth’s biosphere is very different from what it represents humanity. We can say that humanity and the Earth’s biosphere – is two different things. People are so much separated from nature that are on this planet than the completely alien, planet rejects people as “foreign body.” The problem is that none of the biological system on the planet earth does not conflict with the outside world as much as the human race. People do not learn to control yourself and listen to the world around us. Not surprisingly, as soon as there some epidemic (pandemic) suffers, it is first of all mankind. Viruses can be assimilated, radiation may help to adapt to any conditions. Animal world uses those values ​​to the continuation of life, and people often tend to get rid of these factors, assuming a natural factor of development and evolution wrong. On the other hand, all biological systems, except for certain types of people, contain any radioisotope or their ions in sufficient quantity the minimum that is necessary. All biological systems, including humans, have a direct need to ionization cells on a natural level, that is, the need to use at least the external radiation sources.

14. What is the interaction of radiation with biological systems?


As we see the world around us: the entire universe has a hologram, a unique database of all that once was and happened in the universe. Access and work with this information may be based on the principle of “work with a personal computer,” and tools such exchange of information can serve as the light that carries information (this includes our beloved and radiation). Decoding mechanism of such information serves the human body. The structure of the human body is always included heavy metals and ions, it does not harm the body. Because of its composition, the human body reacts to the outside world, as the antenna. This allows you to receive information from the outside world. The information that comes from the outside world, found primarily how to build a human body, in fact, after the formation of the human body, radiation helps the functioning of cells. Cells use the energy of natural background radiation for cell recovery after injuries and other things.

If we remove from the natural radiation of a human embryo at the time of its formation, the 100% knowledge can be argued that being born underdeveloped.

If we remove from the body of natural radiation on stage, formed, with 100% of the knowledge can be argued that after a while it becomes just hard to breathe, inhale slowly wounds will be a constant lack of energy, can lead to cancer.

If we try to excrete the ions K-40 and U-235, then with probability up to 85-90% will be heart failure or malfunction of other organs, the question is when it will happen. This delayed effect (in time), but the fact is 100% is that death is inevitable.

Interaction with light that carries information can give any desired result. Genetic engineering is a very clumsy and primitive tools. The light that carries information (including radiation) can model the information in the genome so that it is ideally looking for a place in the context of DNA. By moving into first place in the body of the creature, which is subject to change, it is those primary features that are expected to see, or the person concerned, or the one who puts such changes. These signs can be anything: eternal life, telepathy, telekinesis, and many more, that at the moment is the science of ” behind a side.”

All of the information described above, was found by us in the course of a science called “Linguistic Wave Genetics”, the founder of this direction is Goryaev PP

15. Why are you still alive?


We’re still alive, because we are part of radiation, and never wanted to break away from their homeland. Radiation – a consciousness, our consciousness, we change our bodies in order to stay on this planet for that would give some explanation and direction for mankind. We still hope that humanity has a chance to improve in a positive way.

16. Are you dangerous to others?


No, for others we are not dangerous, if we do not withdraw from the context of space and time in which we should be. If we were to pull out of the space and time in which we have to be at some point – we can become a danger to society (in the case of premature death of our bodies). In terms of Radiation, we never imagined the danger, however, due to our radiation wave, we can examine and healing the people with whom we find the intersection point (are establishing empathic communication channel). We do not want to harm anyone, any time.


Our body is so constituted that can block some radiation dose within. Screening is carried out through the skin and uranium-238, which is found in the skin. If we eat a powerful gamma-ray sources, about 200 X-rays per hour, the radiation emission from the body would be a danger to a distance of 3 meters (dose rate 300 mR/h out the body). To a safe level radiation is reduced for 3-7 days after ingestion of a radioactive isotope inside (they are not removed from the body, but only transmute into another form of energy).

17. What are the expectations of those around you (when you die)?


Surrounding people often asked us the same question for a very long time – “when we finally die?” They even make bets on certain dates, as we still had to live. When you are convinced that we will die tomorrow or the day after, and we live in the same rhythm is years and decades – the people around us begin to feel fear at the sight of us.

18. What are your plans for the future?


Well, of the plans, there is a desire to finish with all the problems that we have now “out of the blue” and go to the territory of the country in which the law can keep the home, even collected samples of uranium ore to continue our way of life. And also, there is a desire to delve into the study of linguistics wave genetics, is the only science which most strongly overlaps with our work and is able to fill gaps in our theories. Our theories are built solely from the basis of our findings, based on what we saw (Radiation – there, the information field, which connects the entire universe and all the objects around the Absolute, respectively by radiation can communicate with any living creature in the universe. This it’s very similar to the Internet, but much denser and more).


If we consider our direction and research / projects, then my husband and I, at this point, traced two different directions, which we are engaged.

My husband is more specialized in the development of concepts effects of radiation on living organisms, its projects closely intersect with biology, radiobiology, genetics (classical and quantum genetics), dosimetry. In the same way he deals with healing, treatment of people using abilities in healing practices, the development of technologies that will help humanity to adapt to radiation. His direction is closely overlap with the work of Paul Garyaev, wave genetics.

What to say about my direction, all my projects aim in working with government agencies.

I develop strategies and projects intelligence, reconnaissance operations. Main area – this is non-standard methods of obtaining information, custom encryption and decryption of data. My abilities and skills in the areas of intelligence OSINT, HUMINT, SIGINT, anti-terrorism, etc.

My powers are not intended to cure people, I do not specialize in healing, it’s not my area. I’m more interested in the development of remote attacks (physical attack, cyber-attacks), which will work for the National Security of the country, whose interests I will defend. As well as the development of the most unique methods that allow to obtain the most useful information, as well as the protection of this information at the highest level.

19. Tell us about the projects in the field of intelligence and data encryption?


My projects are aimed at improving and improving the structure of intelligence operations. First of all, this:

– Ways to get information hidden way.

– Ways to protect information from theft.

– Interrogation methods that do not require the use of torture and physical abuse.

– Improvement of the specific group of people on a physical level, to give them the benefits of working in extreme situations, to make instant decisions to be physically and psychologically resistant to any stressful and extreme situations.

– Improvement of the military strategy, military force, which will be based on, not the use of brute force, and the use of intelligence, skill, innovative approaches that translate into energy practice, etc.

– These technologies also included equipment remote viewing, telepathy, and the use of out-of-body experience for use in covert intelligence.

– Encryption of data is based on the language of the cipher, I own both orally and in written form. This language is a visualization of three-dimensional images (in a complex encryption type, usually 9-dimensional), which carry the meaning of encrypted information. This “language code” has its origin from Consciousness Radiation, it is a “energy lines” that is displayed Radiation in space and time, in this reality. In addition to encryption, these symbols can have a profound effect on the physical reality (that is, they carry some occult significance). Has been repeatedly tested in practice the effect of these characters (if they are properly constructed, and in the right proportions) for specific physical objects.
I have developed a whole system of encryption is dedicated to this language cipher. 

20. Do you think that you could be of help to mankind in space exploration and other planets?


Given our unusual properties of the body, our harmonious existence in high radiation fields, we see very good prospects of our extraordinary ability in the field of space exploration. Because, right now, for humanity, the biggest problem is the factor of cosmic radiation. People can NOT explore the space due to the presence of cosmic radiation. People are not physically survive such an impact for a long time. There is such a project as «MARS ONE», where people want to organize a settlement colony on Mars. But they do not know how to deal with the impact factor of cosmic radiation. There is an assumption that they will want to replace all the people on artificial organs, so that they are not exposed to radiation. That’s all – complete idiocy, because it will not allow people to live in space radiation, it will only aggravate the whole situation even more. We can work in an open space without any protection. In addition, we can give advice and to develop technologies that will help all astronauts adapt to space radiation. But that’s it – a different story.


21. Tell us what the situation is with your situation at the moment. Do you need anything else in the financing (charity), what is happening to you? In what situation you are in at the moment and what kind of help you want to ask the people?


The current situation is as follows:

1. Two criminal cases will soon be closed (the prosecution will cease).

2. Difficulties with the Russian government to develop into a new stage. To date, last week, came the results of forensic psychiatric examination, by which I was diagnosed with (acute paranoid schizophrenia)’m a danger to society and himself. In consequence, this expert opinion, I should be placed in a psychiatric hospital on the general type of “compulsory treatment” for at least 6 months.My conclusion to a psychiatric hospital may occur in the near future, beginning in March 2013.

3. At the moment, there is still a loan in the amount of $ 10,000. Which was formed because of all court and investigative costs.

4. For family reasons, my wife will have to immediately fly to the United States for permanent residence in the spring of 2013. She needs a minimum amount of money $ 5000 for her to leave Russia and settle to live in America.

Once I will be free from the mental hospital and criminal cases, I’ll fly to America. I also need financial assistance in the amount of $ 5,000 that I had flown to the United States. But, before that, I will need to repay the loan, which now imposes restrictions on me, for which I cannot leave the territory of Russia.

5. As a result, we are going to apply to the International Organization for Human Rights.

We believe that in the process of criminal prosecution, much infringed upon our rights. Not met all the bureaucratic procedures (in which we have, frankly, been stolen equipment and samples, not to mention our personal items to $ 50,000). You can even question the forensic examination, in the course of which I was put on the psychological pressure as a petty theft of my things from the staff, the pressure in the form of claims for something that I did not commit, mental abuse, and more. At the end of the special effects (provocation) I was diagnosed with (acute paranoid schizophrenia), which completely negates my future and free expression in Russia. Now my word does not mean anything at all in Russia. In addition, with frank threats from some members of the FSB (the desire to kill me) so adjusted to the fact that i do want to die on the spot. I note that it is said not to address the three FSB officers who initially studied our case.

You send a Paypal donation to the Irradia couple at [email protected]



Dear Alfred,

Publication of these people’ information about the radiation on 21 December 2012 is not accident. We understand this information from other point of view.

As it is known, on December 21, 2012 ended the Mayan calendar. This means that the Earth has entered a phase of destruction, because the cycle of Consciousness of humanity is over. As the result of two natural blows – the first is expected in late June – early July 2013 and the second on September 20, 2013, will arise very strong radiation due to the destruction of nuclear power plants around the world. Mankind can be quickly destroyed.

However, just before this moment appeared people who talk about the ability to survive in conditions of strong radiation. These people, specifically Radium can give advice to mankind how to survive. He has to tell us exactly how to eat and what to drink, if all the water will be poisoned. They, in our understanding, are trying to explain humanity that we must instantly adjust and radically change the basis of our life.

Just this information we need to find out in deep details in this interview with Radium. We do not know what’s going on with Radium, as he warns that in March, can be forced to put in a psychiatric hospital. Neither you nor we do not know whether we will have time to help Radium to avoid this, and whether yet another opportunity to talk with him in such details. After the interview we have to understand in details, what people have to eat, for about one year, or more precisely 9 months in order to live on Earth till the Transition.

The mission of these people – to teach mankind how to survive in the conditions of very strong radiation. Extraterrestrials gave them this information to pass it to mankind. And we have to understand it. This is the main task of this interview.

Now the facts.

As you know, we decipher the pictograms of extraterrestrial civilizations with the Dictionary of Symbols of Consciousness. Now we decode Nostradamus drawings, which, as it turned out, also presented by the same symbols of consciousness of extraterrestrial civilizations.

In one of his pictures Nostradamus warns about the strongest natural disasters that will occur in the period of Cancer -zodiac astrological sign – from June 22 to July 22. It is known that Cancer zodiac element is water, and Cancer zodiac quality is cardinal, i.e. this event will be extremely strong, and will affect the entire world.

Red boiled Cancer, shown in the picture of Nostradamus warns about events related to the melting of Greenland’s glaciers.


As it is known, from 8 to 12 July 2012, in the period corresponding to the Cancer zodiac sign on the planet happened an extraordinary event. In just four days Greenland’ glacier melt by 97%, despite the fact that its height in the center of the island is about 3.5 km, and the area – 972,000 square km. NASA scientists say that the rate of melting of ice in Greenland was unprecedented.



Obviously, such rate of melting due to the action of ultra-high temperature, could arise only due to the formed breakage of the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates.


The events accompanying the melting of ice in Greenland, discloses the model of the Russian scientist Nikolai Zharvin and is described in details on our website:

This disaster will affect many countries. Tsunami of incredible height and power will kill many people. On the planet will arise very strong level of radiation due to the destruction of numerous nuclear power plants. However, this is not all.

Events will happen due to the following scenario.

• In late June – early July 2013 is expected strong natural catastrophe of a planetary scale as a result of melting of Greenland’ ice. Will be destroyed numerous nuclear power plants in Europe, and perhaps not only there. As a result level of radiation on the planet will be very high.


Nuclear power plants’ location

  • Then, on September 20, 2013 will happen the first preliminary cataclysm. It will be much more powerful natural disaster with two epicenters in the water – near coast of Peru and in Mexican Gulf. This cataclysm will destroy the remaining nuclear power plants in North and South America. Radiation in the world after Greenland catastrophe will be huge. But after the first preliminary cataclysm in September will reach an incredible level.

 Humanity in these conditions of increased radiation has to make the Transition to a safe level of the material world before the second preliminary cataclysm which will happen on March 20, 2014. Otherwise civilization will be physically destroyed within six months by the third preliminary cataclysm.

 Our task for the interview – to get maximum information – how to change the food, to survive in the highest level of radiation.

Victoria and Lidia with Light


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