M6 Paranormal Crash Report: Overview

By Mark Collins

Was time-travel an element in the M6 paranormal event?

I first became aware of the crash on the M6 when my brother was traveling to a friend’s party in London and was on the  same stretch of the M6, about a quarter of a mile behind the crash, as  it happened. He felt there was something strange about the scene as he  drove past it and suggested I check it out. He said he saw a few plain  clothes officers at the scene examining three of the vehicles and also  that the tarmac showed signs of being burnt in a line across the  southbound carriageway.

As a journalist I believed this was more than your usual auto crash. I think my natural journalistic inquisitiveness took over.

When I visited the scene the day after the accident it was clear that  the markings on the carriageway were significant to the investigation  team and this immediately got my attention. I was fascinated by how  meticulous the team were still examining the banking on the side of  the carriageway and also why they were taking samples of the burnt tarmac from the hard shoulder; these were things I would have not  normally expected to see at a crash scene.

I was able to talk with one of the investigation team and this became  the basis for my first report. He insisted that I did not use his  name or identify him in anyway. He told me not to quote him in the article because any comments would be open to both interpretation and also challenge but I was still keen to  report on the incident given what he was intimating in that  conversation.

Soon after I was contacted by a Detective Silverton!  Detective Silverton is part of a special investigation team based in  London but not connected to the Metropolitan police. They apparently deal with investigations that don’t fit the norm.

Initially I was terrified as this was only really something I was  doing on the side and I never imagined that anything would come of it;  least of all being contacted by what turned out to be one of the lead  investigators.

Of course, being one of very few journalists to actually report the  accident meant that Detective Silverton perhaps felt he could trust  the way I was reporting it.

What really happened that day on the M6.  I don’t know. As a reporter you try to report the facts and not get  caught up in the hype of what could have happened and also what may  have happened unless there is evidence to support it.

The only facts I can point to are the burnt tarmac, the fact that the  three vehicles that caused the accident allegedly contained no signs  of human tissue that would be consistent with an accident and that  such a high level team were brought into investigate the accident in  the first place.

These facts alone suggest that there are still many elements of the  accident that remain unexplained.

As with anything of this nature, good information is hard to source  and many of the people you speak to are simply too vague in what they  say to the point that it would be laughed at in any report of this type.

It is only since Detective Silverton got in touch with me directly  that I have had any constancy of contact; and even then it is when he  says he is ready to carry out an interview. (More to come)

Do I have any special insight into what is going on outside of  my reports?

That is very difficult.  I have been shown pieces of evidence to  substantiate the reports; some photographic and some physical. This  evidence does support what I have been told but I have been given  strict guidelines as to what I can actually write so reporting on the 
accident in its entirety is impossible.

But there have been items I have seen that are beyond my explanation;  I think as a reporter you blank out the why or the how and just report  the facts.

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