Moving star field forces recalibration of Zodiac sign dates

New Zodiac sign dates have been set by astronomers to match the shifting constellations with which they correspond. Over thousands of years, the Zodiac signs have moved considerable out of alignment with the calendar. Since the rotation of the Earth wobbles in a 25-century cycle, the planet’s changing relation to the stars has resulted in a new Zodiac sign for its inhabitants. Many individuals have taken out large quick personal loans to study the stars. Source of article – New Zodiac sign dates adjust calendar to shifting constellations by MoneyBlogNewz.

Movement of earth changes astrological information

There is a reason why there have to be new Zodiac sign dates. This is because many are really Sagittarians who believe they are Capricorns. A phenomenon called “precession” has moved the Zodiac signs nearly one month to the west in the sky since they were created about 600 B.C. Precession is caused by gravitational forces from the moon and also the sun on a bulge within the Earth at the equator. These forces cause the orientation of the Earth’s axis of rotation — what we think of as the poles — to wobble like a spinning top losing momentum. This wobble traces a cone in a cycle that lasts about 26,000 years. During this cycle, the traditional North Star eventually becomes invalid and also the Zodiac signs shift.

What is changed with the Zodiac signs

Dates of the Zodiac signs changing shows the movement of the astrological signs. About one-tenth of a year is how far they have moved. Across the “ecliptic,” Zodiac signs are within the sky. What we know is the ecliptic is the sun moving through the sky through the year. This is what happens while the earth orbits the sun regularly. When the sun looks like it is increasing and setting, the constellations that the Zodiac signs represent are in the ecliptic. The constellation that the sun shares the ecliptic with during birth is what a person’s Zodiac sign is. Due to eons of precession, the constellations representing the Zodiac signs share the ecliptic with the sun nearly a month earlier.

Sign for Ophiuchus takes over Sagittarius signs

New Zodiac sign dates mean that people born from Dec. 22 to Jan. 19 are no longer Capricorn. There is a new time frame for Capricorns. It is between Jan. 20 and February 16 now. Were you born between December 17 and January 20 and are wondering now? Now those are Sagittarius. Sagittarians born by Dec. 17 remain Sagittarians. Were you born between November 23 and 28? Well then you are a Scorpio now. Sagittarians used to be between November 29 and December 16. Now, the brand new sign “Ophiuchus” is the Zodiac sign used for these people. That’s right–now you will find 13 signs of the Zodiac. If you thought you were a determined Capricorn, you were wrong. You are a philosophical Sagittarians now. Were you born under Ophiuchus? Then loftier ideals might describe you a bit better. Freshly-minted Scorpios may instantly find themselves behaving more stubbornly.

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