Proof of Paranormal Aliens


I would like you to take a look at my proof from in my home .I have been hearing these for 15 years now, I only started videoing them around 2 years. I have heaps of paranormal proof from in my home .I have 3 videos that I would like you to look at ,You will be amazed once you have finished watching these & more if you wish from in my Home. The first 1 is at around 5.30 in the morning. The 2 one is of My son & I .I was being tormented by them so I turned my camera on as you will see .There is 3 face figures in this 1 .It does look like a couple of beings whether from this planet who only knows , Then finely the 3 is when I had a investigator over. At the start you will see a beings realizing by the chair .

Then further into the video you will see something come thru 1 wall & thru the other .It is amazing how quickly this OBJECT TRAVELS .i DO HAVE A LOT MORE PROOF ON MY YOU TUBE CHANNEL WHERE I HAVE CONTROLLED THEM .PLEASE ENJOY MY VIDEOS FROM IN MY HOME…PLEASE LET THE WORLD NO THANKING YOU.

From Paul Cochrane




THIS is my sight I have Plenty more where ,I have helium balloons , fly screens ,& other Experiments & Testing .I hear them so it is pretty easy to tell when they are in here .


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