Review of “Cowboys & Aliens”

“Cowboys & Aliens” – First alien attack.

Cowboys & Aliens movie distorts true history of UFOs and ETs in the Old West

by Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

“Cowboys & Aliens,” a genre hybrid blockbuster motion picture that opened at theatres July 29, 2011, bases its plot on an inaccurate distortion of the solid history of UFO sightings and interactions with Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBEs) by the good folk of the Old West.

Director Jon Favreau at a Comic Con panel on the Cowboys & Aliens movie said, “Aliens are kind of the last pure evil enemy in a movie that people can go up against without having to really worry about political correctness.”

This cartoon-character view of Exopolitics (the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse) has resulted in a cartoonish depiction of reptilian-like aliens, alien abductions, juvenile plot and special effects.

In the opinion of this reporter, there should be public accountability on awarding a film project $150 million to make an Exopolitical hash that bears no relationship to UFO and ET reality in the Old West.

A new book, “The Real Cowboys and Aliens: UFO Encounters of the Old West” by Texas UFO researcher Noe Torres and New Mexico historian John LeMay, examines fourteen bizarre incidents, including the reported recovery in 1897 of a spaceship and its alien pilot in the Texas frontier town of Aurora. 

The Real Cowboys and Aliens – The True UFO/ET history of the Old West

Noe Torres and John LeMay’ publisher writes that “’Cowboys meeting aliens seems to be a theme strictly for comic books and blockbuster movies,’ LeMay said. ‘But in reality, there exist many newspaper and magazine accounts from the 1800s telling of strange sightings and encounters from America’s cowboy era.’

“[Mr.] Torres, a state section director for the Mutual UFO network (MUFON), said, ‘What is especially interesting about these historic UFO sightings is that they took place before airplanes were invented and before flight of any kind was common. Although hot air balloons had been around since the 1700s, it was closer to 1900 before balloon airships became widely known.’ Torres has written three books about historic UFO cases, “Mexico’s Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash” (2007), “The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border” (2008), and “Ultimate Guide to the Roswell UFO Crash” (2010).

“’It seems likely that UFOs were quite common in the 1800s,’ [Mr.] Torres said, ‘We have found hundreds of newspaper and magazine accounts about people seeing strange objects and lights in the sky. We have also found articles that mention face-to-face encounters with creatures that seemed human but were clearly not.’

“According to [Messrs.] Torres and LeMay, because airplanes and spaceships were unknown concepts in the 1800s, people who saw strange things in the sky usually described them by comparing them to known objects like ‘cigars’ and ‘balloons.’ The term ‘flying saucer’ was not widely used until the 1940s, although ‘The Real Cowboys & Aliens’ includes an account of an 1878 UFO sighting by a Texas farmer who described what he saw as a ‘large saucer.’

“Since this was long before the era of jet planes and spacecraft, the cowboys and farmers of the 1800s often struggled to put into words what they had witnessed, Torres and LeMay said. Unless a UFO slowed down enough to where they could observe it carefully, most of the Old West residents probably didn’t take much notice. Vapor trails in the daytime and streaks of light at night likely did not make much of an impression on these hardened pioneers. These sights were just part of the “signs and wonders” that often appeared in the heavens.

“’The Real Cowboys & Aliens’ opens with an eyewitness amazing account of an 1864 UFO crash in the Rocky Mountains, as told to a Cincinnati newspaper by Montana fur trapper James Lumley. The incident is one of the earliest reported sightings of a seemingly artificial object crashing down to Earth. According to [Messrs.] Torres and LeMay, after examining the crash site, Lumley was convinced the object was highly unusual. “It was soon clear that the object was not a fallen meteor. Lumley claimed that it was ‘divided into compartments’ and parts of it had been ‘carved’ with hieroglyphics, similar to the writings of ancient Egypt.’

“’The Real Cowboys & Aliens’ also contains an updated account of the famous 1897 Aurora, Texas UFO incident, where a strange flying object slammed into an Old West windmill and fell to the ground in pieces. The residents of the small town recovered the body of the pilot, who was described as ‘not of this Earth’ and gave it a ‘proper Christian burial’ in the town cemetery. Many people believe that the alien’s remains still exist today amidst the shade trees of the Aurora cemetery.”

Cowboys & Aliens movie: “Aliens are kind of the last pure evil enemy”

In stark contrast to the published UFO and ET research in ’The Real Cowboys and Aliens’ book, “Cowboys & Aliens” the movie is all about the threatened hostile invasion and occupation of Earth for gold.

The “blurb” of Cowboys & Aliens the movie says: “A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys are all that stand in their way.”

Covering the Comic Con rollout of the movie Cowboys & Aliens, one source states, “During the ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ panel, [Director Jon Favreau expounded on the point that aliens are kind of the last pure evil enemy in a movie that people can go up against without having to really worry about political correctness. When we caught up with him later, he elaborated on what he meant.

“’I think it’s just that. I think it’s fun to be able to play the enemy. I think now people are treated as complex and there’s no ‘them and us’ anymore. It’s just the world is too small,’ he said. ‘I think what’s interesting is when you start dealing with our differences in a very intelligent way. I think a lot of that’s happening in cable television and in series, and in long form [programs]. But in an hour and a half movie you really have to be careful about being responsible about how you present things and that presents a lot of challenges in the comic book thing too. You know you treat people a lot differently then you did during wartime…. when these characters first emerged the world was a different place and so in order to not be anachronistic about it and not make the wrong statement you have to update these things in a delicate way and inevitably you’re going to be violating the source material.’”

Cowboy alien-abductees vs. reptilian-like planetary invaders

A core question is” Why Stephen Spielberg (whose motion picture this is) has continued to bring audiences Exopolitical junk?

For a motion picture with a reported $150 million budget, the Cowboy & Aliens movie plot is surprisingly thin, exopolitically twisted and inaccurate, lacks any semblance of character development, and dispenses with injecting a realistic historical and social context in the film.

Cowboys & Aliens the movie is built around the plot of a reptilian-like extraterrestrial species invading the Earth for gold through the Old West.  The reptilians abduct local whites and Native Americans and bring them back to their gold-mining facility (their space ship) for medical-like experiments.  The Cowboy hero (a James Bond character actor) is an ET abductee who escapes with a reptilian wrist-bracelet weapon that gives the Cowboy-Indian faction the technological edge against the reptilians. Eventually, the Cowboy hero unites with the Star wars and Indiana Jones star (Harrison Ford the Cowboy), more Native Americans, cowboys, and Bad guys, and a fifth dimensional materialized former reptilian abductee to storm the reptilians’ mother ship, liberate the ET abductees, kill the reptilian ETs, destroy the ET spacecraft, and save the Earth for humanity.

What are the Exopolitical distortions in Cowboys & Aliens the movie?

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