Russian historians are looking for crypto traces of Great Flood in Europe

Russian historians are looking for crypto traces of Great Flood and ancient civilizations in memory of first man in space – Yury Gagarin

The first Russian research mobile conference “Unknown Civilization 2011” began its work on the sailing ship “Running on waves” in the port of Malta.

How to tell the organizers, in the first round table was attended by Alexander Voronin (ROIPA), Leonid Gavrilov (NGO “Laboratory K”), Andrey Sklyarov and Andrey Zhukov (“Laboratory of alternate history”), Tony O Connell (“Library of Atlantis”), the expert of the island of Malta Anttony J. Caruana.

Experts in particular, discussed the biblical story of the Great Flood and the search for traces of this event, as well as Russian research “of prehistoric civilizations.”

“Our conference is prepared for almost a year. At the moment we know that the traces of the Great Flood described in the Bible, are scattered throughout the world. Every year, information about this episode in the history of the planet, and many other catastrophic events, we are learning more and more” – organizer of the expedition said Leonid Gavrilov.

“Events such destructive of human civilization, the events of this magnitude are conclusive on this point. This again should make each of us to think about the fragility of our world today, the path chosen by our leaders, and the further development of near-Earth planet space. Our conference is dedicated to Yuri Gagarin and the team of people made the first man came to space “, – said A. Gavrilov.

The main objectives of the 52-day expedition sailboat “Running on waves” are search and discovery of unknown underwater objects, artifacts and technologies, as well as study the remnants of ancient civilizations have known the Iberian Peninsula, Malta, Crete-Minoan, Roman, Greek and Cypriot cultures. Expedition lasts almost 2 months and have destination to Cuprus island.

Also, the expedition members intend to test several hypotheses about the trails known culture of Atlantis in the studied geographic regions and sea areas, Lisbon, Cadiz (Hesperia, Tartessos) Ampere seamount and bank Spartel in Gibraltar, Malta, Crete, Santorinskaya hypothesis and the eastern coast of Cyprus.


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