Seti Breakthrough

by Tony Manera

 This short story explores the possibility of establishing some form of communication between human beings on earth and an extraterrestrial civilization, even if they are millions of light years away from each other. Although this is a science fiction story, it conforms rigorously with all known scientific laws.

Anna Alvarez is an astrophysicist working on the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) project. Like many scientists, she believes that intelligent life is bound to have evolved in many  other worlds throughout the universe. Hence, it is possible that an advanced civilization is broadcasting messages using electromagnetic waves. Alvarez, along with thousands of other experts and amateurs around the globe, have been monitoring radio signals at various frequencies for many years, hoping to pick up such a message, but so far, these efforts have produced no results.

Suddenly, Alvarez intercepts what could be an extraterrestrial intelligent message. Although faced with initial skepticism from her colleagues, she persists, and through sophisticated computer analysis, it is established that this is indeed an intelligently coded radio signal originating from an unknown location beyond the planet earth.


The combined resources of thousands of computers and experts are brought to bear on this unprecedented development. The challenge is to decode the message and to determine its origin. Bit by bit, the message, which is extremely long, is in fact decoded, providing valuable information to scientists in many disciplines.

The civilization that created this message could be millions of light years away from the earth, and hence the establishment of two way communication seems impossible. But Alvarez thinks that the message itself may provide the knowledge that would enable human beings to establish a form of unconventional but effective method of real time communication with this extraterrestrial civilization, without violating the laws of physics. She proceeds to explore such a possibility, with fascinating results.

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