Siberian Kemerovo Region Claims Evidence of Yetis

The Yeti has been a thing of fantasy for hundreds of years. The cryptozoological puzzle of Sasquatch and Yeti has long been a thing of puzzle. A group of experts were invited to Russia to search for proof of the yeti. As reported by the regional government, evidence of the yeti has been discovered. Resource for this article: Siberian Kemerovo region claims proof of yetis

All about these boasts

The governor of Kemerovo, Siberia, called a conference of experts and writers to the coal-mining region of the Russian country. Researchers from several countries, including the U.S. and Canada, attended the conference. In the Azasskaya cave, there were footprints, a bed of sticks and some coarse hair found. This is considered perfect evidence. It is “indisputable proof that the Shoria mountains are inhabited by the ‘Snow Man’,” or that a yeti exists.

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Testing the hair

While the regional government boasts this evidence is indisputable proof of the yeti, other experts aren’t so sure. The DNA of the hair must be tested. There is nothing that has come from this yeti before either. The evidence used to prove the existence of a yeti is the same evidence used to prove the existence of Bigfoot. In North The United States, that is the fantasy humans are trying to prove. There is a lot of evidence. Still, there is no physical specimen.

Is this about tourism?

A lot of people think Russia is desperate for tourists. That is why the yeti stunt has come about.


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