Publisher’s Note: I received the following article from Andrew Oien and it concersns the publishing of his new book SOUTHWEST UFO TRIANGLE THEORY, due to be published in December 2013.  It is a pretty good theory and bears investigation. I invite you to read the following and enjoy. Dirk.

The TRIANGLE is not a thing, it is a place, and it is not dead, but very much alive. It bears new life every day that with time will grow, age and die to again leave room for new births. It could be as timeless as the Earth and Sky and yet it is marked with the history of our time, the Human race.

The TRIANGLE opens the possibility that the Human race may not be alone in the Universe. It is a concept to question, have we been interacting with visitors here on Earth and in the Southwest for thousands of years?

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Dear UFO Reviewers;

I am writing you today to tell you about my first book on the subject of UFOs. I have to say that it is about time that I wrote something having reviewed the subject for some 22 years now. I am hoping that you will enjoy this work which started with the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident and then lead me to other places.

My interest in Ufology began in 1991. I started writing about it in 1996. I had read 2 books about the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident but it was the 3rd book that got me on a plane to New Mexico. In 1996, I read the Jim Ragsdale Story, a book with enough information and maps to allow me to look around for myself. Three weeks later, my wife and I were traveling around New Mexico taking in the many sights including Roswell and the UFO areas of interest. My research and writing on Ufology began after that trip and what we had experienced there.

This is an overview of what I have found and wish to present in my book and web site: “You have just discovered something of such awe and power that you cannot fully imagine or explain it. At this point your options are to ignore it, share it, or hide it. The North American Indians chose to share it amongst themselves calling them, Star People. The U.S. Government chose to hide it in plain sight within a system they call, National Parks and Forests.”

This book is meant to be more than just reading material on a concept, it is a reference guide for what could be your next visit to the Southwest. I welcome you to go and look at the sights on the ground of what the visitors have been viewing from above.

My best regards,

Andrew Oien


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