Spirit Dolls, Fact or Fiction?

My name is Ursula Kalin and I am a Spirit Medium. Some may even call me a psychic. I don’t know how I feel about that, but I do have the ability to tell people that I never met things about them that know one else knows. Well, enough about me, this article is purely about spirits dolls. What are spirits dolls you may ask? Well it’s not like you may think. Spirits are not hiding inside the dolls, but there are spirits that are attached to the item. There have been many cases of this phenomenon including spirits being attached to mirrors, jewelry and beds. I have a modest collection of dolls myself. The ages range from toddler to youngster from 5 to 12. I do, however, have an adult who was a gift from a friend.

There have been many famous cases involving haunted dolls. One you may have heard of resides in a museum a Key West Lighthouse. This story is very interesting indeed. He is kept in a glass case because it has been reported that he tends to move around at night, only to be found in the oddest places. The dolls hair is not made of human hair, but of synthetic material resembling wool yarn. Robert, otherwise known as Robert the Doll is a doll that was once owned by Key West painter and author Robert Eugene Otto. The doll is alleged to be possessed by evil spirits and has a terrifying reputation. Could this be true? I guess anything is possible. A young boy name Eugene was given the doll by a slave servant in 1906. The slave has been claimed to have know black magic and was upset with the family. Could this be the reason Robert walks as he pleases today?

Another interesting story of a possessed doll is Annabelle, a Raggedy Ann It seems harmless enough right, who hasn’t thought about getting a little girl a Raggedy Ann? Well, here is a reason you may thing twice. She is said to have been purchased from a hobby store and was a present from a young woman named Donna for her birthday. Donna was in college and it seems that wherever Annabelle was left she was found in a different place when Donna returned. On one occasion, she was found with her legs crossed sitting the couch as if she was waiting for something. I recommend researching these stories at:
http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/hauntedfurniture/haunteddoll/ and . http://efeyas.hubpages.com/hub/Annabelle-The-Possessed-Doll-A-Terrifying-Case.

Now, on to my story, I would like to mention I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to collect haunted dolls. I did a lot of reading on the subject and knew right away that I only wanted children. I wanted to provide a safe haven for them. I found the person I trusted and I wanted all my dolls to come from the same location so they could be friends. Little did I know, that’s not always the case. My first doll is beautiful, she is black with the bluest eyes I ever seen. I knew right away there was something special about her. As I pulled her out the box, it was a strange earie feeling that came over me. Her name is Abby and she seemed so happy. My second was namee Lacy and I also knew she was very interesting. Before I got the shelves, she sat by my closet. There is a full length mirror and as you look at her in the mirror, her eyes appeared to be moving across the room. Well, let me tell you I have seen a lot of things but was not prepared for for that one and I almost had a heart attack. I called my husband to confirm and he was seeing it too. I now have 13 dolls. I have conducted many EVP sessions with them and my results are simply amazing. I had one child ask for cupcakes and you know what, the next day, we got her some. Now I would love to say there was a big bite out of the cupcake, but it wasn’t. I now believe it’s a thought process, almost like a intent. I have seen then in full form away from there host bodies. I have also heard them knocking, whispering and giggling late at night. When people come into my office, the first thing the say is “Wow, you really like dolls”. Then I explain what they really are and watch the color drain out of their face. Believe it or not, once explain the full history and story, you would be surprised what people are willing accept.

Can I say 100 percent that they are haunted? No, but I know what I have seen and heard. If I can’t trust my own eyes, who can I trust? If you would like to see my dolls that are up for adoption, visit my website Ursulakalin.com. The best judge is ones self. However, a word to the wise, if you are faint of heart, you want to past on a very active ones. I have stuck with the tamer one’s first, then work your way up. I mentioned earlier, that I wanted all the dolls to come for the same place . One of my shipments was for about 2 weeks. Once I received the shipment, I could see that the doll was pissed, I saw it in her face. I started it to put her up on the shelf, but the entire shelf fell down. I explained to the doll that it was not my fault and I was sorry she was in the box for so long. She has not given me a problem since So I believe they do hear you. Unfortunately, a doll with purple eyes refuses to sit by her and jumps of the shelf. They clearly don’t like each other. It’s know a strange. Now that I have moved her, no more problems.

So, for me Spirit dolls are a fact, not fiction. You can believe what you want but I chose to believe. Spirits are alive everywhere, why not with a doll?

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