Status Report On UFOs

By Elaine Douglass

Editor of JAR, the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research


This article is used with permission and was originally published in What’s Happening Magazine.

Elaine Douglass has been a UFO researcher since the mid-1980s and she is a 25-year member of the Mutual UFO Network. For many years she was MUFON state director for Washington, DC and from 1998-2010 she was MUFON state director for Utah. Elaine is an editor of JAR, the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, a quarterly email magazine on UFO abductions ( In the 1990s she was an organizer for the group Operation Right to Know, which held street demonstrations protesting UFO secrecy. She holds a Masters Degree from MIT in military policy. Elaine lives in Utah, and she is self-employed as a marketing consultant.  Additional information on Elaine is available at

We know the US government is acquainted with the reality of UFOs since about 40 percent of sightings describe jet planes chasing the UFOs. Apart from the jets, logic leads us to the same conclusion:  If regular people see UFOs, the USG does too.

It appears 1947 is when the USG settled for itself the question of what UFOs are. A lot has happened since then, a lot of it behind the scenes. The USG didn’t just sit and wait after they found out extraterrestrials are here now. Neither did the ETs.

I suppose we have to answer that old question—Why doesn’t the USG admit it publicly? The USG doesn’t admit it publicly because they don’t control “it.” To admit a foreign civilization is operating at will in this country would lead to a massive loss of face for the USG.

How can the USG keep it a secret? is always asked. The reality and the extraterrestrial nature of the phenomenon is not a secret. The status of this information is unacknowledged.

It hasn’t been hard for the USG to preserve the unacknowledged status of the information for decades since the American people do not want to know it. If they did, they would ask, and the media would ask, but they don’t. Instead, the information is ridiculed if it threatens to break through. Ridicule is how the silence everybody wants is enforced.

Everybody? Yes, the phenomenon too. If the phenomenon wanted mass acknowledgement it would make itself obvious.  And it won’t help for you to say people from outer space “wouldn’t act like that.” That’s how the phenomenon is acting. Clandestine.

Leaving out the rest of the world, three actors are on this stage—the American people, the USG, and the phenomenon—and they all agree. None wants public acknowledgement.  So let’s move on. What is going on beneath the surface? 

It puzzles people that the UFOs have been flying around our airspace for decades. How much aerial  

reconnaissance do they need?  Turns out the UFOs are not doing aerial reconnaissance. They’re picking people up.

Based on what people report, it appears the UFOs are picking humans up. Lots of them.  And the UFO people are dealing with the humans in penetrating ways. This has led some UFO researchers, such as me, to conclude that the abductions are a way to penetrate human society.  The abductions are a most important part of what is going on.

The first time the USG had to face a serious reality was 1947 when the Army-Air Force picked up a crashed flying saucer and its dead or alive occupants. What followed?

Information in the book Shoot them down!  suggests quite a few jet pilots were lost over the United States in the 1950s.  What else would the US military do but try to shoot them down? The Air Force finally had to accept it could not shoot them down, or not very many.  That was a grim day for the Air Force.  What would have happened next?

I don’t care which President it was. Eisenhower? Truman? You pick. Referring to the UFOs, the order would have been: “Get them on the ground! And keep them on the ground!” 

I know that order was given because it had to be.  How else could the USG find out what it was dealing with? That establishes a USG motive for creating such a relationship to go along with the reports we have of USG personnel with ETs.  As for the UFO people, getting and keeping them on the ground wouldn’t have been hard. That’s what the UFO people want. They want to penetrate human society.

The year 1953 is important for me. A woman in Maryland told me that in 1953 a US serviceman told her, “They’re kidnapping our men!”  For want of a better year, I peg 1953 as the year the USG found out about the abductions—another serious moment.  The abductions are not something you can overlook.

Fraternization had begun along two tracks: fraternization between the USG and the ETs, fraternization between regular people and the ETs. All coerced. All clandestine.  It’s been going on for 70 years. Where is it leading?

There isn’t anything more important for the USG than preventing a massive loss of face.  And it appears there isn’t anything more important for the ETs than proceeding with their mode of gradual encroachment.

A massive loss of face means the government becomes irrelevant. It’s not about protest, hysteria, chaos. It’s about the long term. It’s about the consequences of people knowing there’s somebody else operating here at will who has revolutionary technology. It’s about people realizing their government can’t keep these other people out, can’t control what they do, and can’t match their capabilities.

The ETs tell the people they pick up, “We own you.”  I interpret that as, ‘We hope to own you.’  It sounds determined. The abductee accounts of walls of cubicles each with a fetus floating in them also sound determined. The ETs are creating new people, and each generation we hear about looks more and more human. They look like us, but they aren’t us. There is nothing to stop these new  

people from operating on the ground, on Earth. Some abductees tell us they are taken to ET facilities on earth, large ones. That’s an important piece of intelligence.

Why don’t the ETs land on the White House lawn? They don’t want to. They’re clandestine. I can’t help what you saw in the movies. If they’re clandestine that means they are afraid of something that would happen if they weren’t. It means they are trying to avoid something that would happen if they were overt and abrupt. That something is loss of stealth. If the ETs landed on the White House lawn, the USG would lose face; ET would lose his ability to insinuate.

The abductions are a set of procedures for gaining control of a human being. The abductions utilize physical body implants combined with behavior modification leading to the capitulation of the abductee. Pacification.  That is the nature of the “fraternization” between the ETs and regular people. What is the nature of the fraternization between the ETs and the USG?

Logic tells us there isn’t anything the USG could be striving for in its relationship with the ETs more important than mastery of at least some elements of the ET technology, especially the propulsion system of ET aircraft. Only by possessing that can the USG hope to compete for public allegiance on D-day. I hope you can see the imperative of that. ET is happy to play along. ET wants to get involved on planet Earth. All his activities demonstrate that.

Is this a marriage of convenience? Has the USG been pacified? Has the USG acquiesced to the day ET will put his new people on the ground to play an unprecedented role in human history? Or does the USG look forward to the day it can defend this country?  The answers are unavailable. Getting the answers would be very desirable.  

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