Date of sighting May 2010

Publisher’s Note: Jodie Richardson from the United Kingdom UFO Group sent me the following UFO sighting report this morning (Thursday, October 24, 2013). The sighting apparently took place in May, 2010. I think you will find the photos and video included with this report to be compelling. Dirk

Scanning the sky from my garden in Eastern Green, Coventry facing north with the sun behind me for safety reasons (as always) using Nikon 8 x 40 Binoculars to sweep the sky in a grid pattern covering the sky from North-east to North-west. Looking for unusual small dot-like objects, which may not be balloons. 

Click here to enlarge top photo.

After around 45 minutes I caught sight of a suspicious, glinting object which was catching the sun-light and seemed metallic. It was very small i.e. tiny, no vapor trail was visible visually and it was moving upwards in elevation very slowly. I watched it for a minute then aimed my camera/scope combination at it and shot around 12 images, assuming the object was a balloon without checking the camera’s screen I looked away from the object for about 5 minutes and then tried to find it again. The object had moved higher in elevation by about 10 degrees, so still thinking it was a balloon I shot another 15 images. Some large clouds then blocked it from view and upon looking at the sky conditions I decided it probably wouldn’t become visible again. 

On analyzing the images on my laptop I realized that the object was extremely unusual, it had a vapor trail of some kind and was flying in a very unusual manner! 

Click here to watch the video!

Equipment used for imaging:  Celestron 5 Spotting Scope (focal length 1250mm) and a Canon EOS 550d dslr (18 mega pixels), handheld with very fast shutter speed.

Special thanks to the witness who wishes to remain anonymous


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