Strange Sounds Heard Around The World

We have all heard about the strange sounds being heard around the world. The best that anyone can figure is they started about mid 2011 and have escalated since the beginning of 2012.

They are being reported in virtually every part of the globe, Canada, Asia, Europe, Central and South America and the USA. They are being reported as loud rumblings, tornado like, groaning, low pitch roar, rushing air or water, scraping of metal, loud freight train, trumpets, deep vibrations, they last for one or two minutes or they can go on for days. While most are a low type rumble some are a loud bang or a series of loud booms that last for minutes or hours.

Some have actually called it a “skyquake”. They have reportedly set off car alarms, freaked out dogs, cats, farm animals and they certainly have made mainstream media news reports. Some say it is coming from the sky while others claim its coming from the earth. It seems that almost everyone rules out a mechanical sound such as planes, trains or helicopters.

It appears that these sounds are genuine and they are happening all over the world but one of the problems is that the truth is sprinkled with a few lies (hoaxes), when this happens it makes it very hard to sort out fact from fiction.

Here is a worldwide map of locations where these sounds have been reported (map pinpointing locations)

Speculation is running rampant, things people have put forward.
Pole Shift
Planet Nibiru approaching earth
Atmospheric anomalies
The hum of power lines
The start of UFO Disclosure
Major construction and demolition using blasting caps
HAARP (High Frequency Active Aurora Research Program)
Government diversion to divert attention, financial collapse
Emissions coming off Saturn (Listen here)
Steam being released from factories
End Times fast approaching
A coordinated worldwide hoax
Military aircraft breaking the sound barrier
Fracking, drilling for natural gas
Tectonic Plates Shifting, causing earthquakes we can’t feel
The start of WWIII
Seismic and volcanic activity
Stress on the earths core
Aliens approaching earth (black ops false flag event)
Warning from the earth
Hype for a Hollywood movie that will be released soon
A weakening of the earth electromagnetic field
Wandering souls of dead soldiers (listen here)
Venting gas from underground complexes
A warning to scare people inside away from impending danger
Solar flares effecting the earths core
Harmonic Resonance (explanation/definition)
Reversal of the magnetic field or a magnetic flip
The Tribulation has started, in line with what the Bible predicts.
Government Drilling underground shelter, tunnel boring machines
The Schumann resonances, a set of spectrum peaks (Link to wikipedia definition)
Noises from earth and nature that we are just tuning in to now that 2012 is here.
Video Games being played at the same time, causing an electronic pulse
Bleed-off or depressurization of nitrogen or bulk liquid nitrogen

Links to news reports and video, (various source)There are just too many links to put here so if you are interested in seeing the full report go to

Windsor Canada, audio of mainstream news – CBC Report…

The Earth is Groaning: Unknown Sound Phenomena Occurring 2011
Strange sounds heard worldwide

Mainstream media report!

Strange Noise heard at baseball game, commentators

speculateMainstream news report, Costa Rica, booming apocalypse sound!

Lovely sound vibration heard over Western PA

Strange sounds from tunnel boring machines

Loud humming and vibration from the earth

Tornado like sound…

The quantity of the reports is overwhelming, the reasons given for these strange noise runs the gamut from plausible to bizarre and the truth is no one really knows what is actually causing this phenomena. If you speak with those that have heard these strange sounds there is no doubt in your mind that they are real. Until the mystery is solved we can only sit back and listen!

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