The Creature From the Bottomless Holes

BOTTOMLESS HOLES –  Where an obscure and strange flippered creature resides. Little is known of this seldom seen cyptid but I would like to propose the stories of similarly described creatures from the opposite ends of the world as proof of their possible existence.

Consider the story of the Bunyip hailing from Australian Aboriginal mythology. Where it is said to be a large creature that lurks in the swamps, billabongs, creeks, riverbeds, and waterholes.

In the Windsor and Richmond Gazette of January 1927, comes a story of  a “bunyip” living in a swamp near Roberston in the Southern Highlands of NSW Australia.

“A party of men who lived by means of their skill at shooting went out … They returned terrified and related that they came upon the thing basking in the sun, on the side of a hole supposed to be bottomless, situated about the centre of the swamp; and at their approach, the creature, which they stated to approximate the size of a two-year-old steer, and which appeared to possess two short, broad fins or flippers, and in colour was a dirty white or very light grey, took fright and plunged into the hole.”

Now keep in mind that the prominent feature described by the witnesses were the flippers. Because in the next story we will move our focus to the United States where we find ourselves at the famous –  Mel’s Hole and the “tumor seal”.

Between 1993 and 2000 Mel Waters reportedly conducted various experiments at his bottomless pits. One of which was to lower a live sheep inside a crate to a depth of 1500 feet into the hole. After 30 minutes had elapsed the animal was retrieved. Mel describes the events as thus – “the animal was found dead inside the crate. Terror alone would have been enough to kill the poor beast, but when they cut the creature open for an impromptu autopsy, the men found that “the sheep looked like it had been cooked” from the inside!

As if that weren’t disconcerting enough, Waters discovered a gelatinous, tumor-like glob where the sheep’s internal organs should have been. Waters removed the “tumor” and that’s when things started to get weird… really weird.

Some of the Basque men noticed that the tumor seemed to be moving of its own accord, as if something was pushing out from within. Waters decided that the tumor needed to be cut open, and one intrepid fellow did the deed, releasing a creature that Waters described as looking like a “fetal seal” connected to the tumor inside the sheep with an umbilical cord.

Waters went on to claim that this strange tumor seal had haunting human-like eyes, which it locked onto the experimenters. This as yet unclassified creature from the abyss and its surface hosts stared at each other in stunned silence for the better part of two hours before this sheep born abomination apparently “nodded” at its would-be captors and dove back into the hole. The men swiftly regained their composure and hurtled the tarp wrapped tumor and carcass into the depths with it.”

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