The Final Testament of the Holy Bible – James Frey

I found myself running out of good authors and a friend suggested James Frey.

At first glance his body of work interested me and I read: The Final testament of the Holy Bible. I thought the initial story of betrayal and hidden expectations interesting but soon found myself anticipating correctly the next bit of the story line but I was ultimately entertained.

A taboo subject this analysis of religion and to wrap a “what if” around it stood and I let it stand. And that wasn’t the last taboo to fall, there were quite a few more. The message was all together “new agey” and also something that a great many of my acquaintances ponder and we openly discuss. The issue of Christ also often comes up, was he real, was he many people or none, will he return if he was and so on.

I once knew a fellow slightly older than I and a holder of a high office in an almost mainstream Christian denomination. We openly criticized much of the bible and the belief of some, much to our chagrin, that every word was the literal word of God and that God exists. They were unwavering and we admired them for that but the logic of the belief without proof was the item of discussion and debate. We often reviewed organized religion on a level playing field with business and realized that element was the issue. I once heard the story of a normal parent that played with his kids and they had everything they needed. He explained literal to them. They would ask if certain TV shows were true. He would explain they were true stories but he was also quick to explain that they did not happen.

This book blows all of that away and replaces it with something of this world that although not unexpected is presented in a way that that was often shocking but the writing and the story was enjoyed. I think I’ll read more of James Frey and share my thoughts if and when I come across a book worthy of review.

For more information or to purchase this book simply click on its title: Final Testament of the Holy Bible

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