The Shift is Not for the Faint of Heart

By Peter Farley 

A year and a half ago a movie came out  which talked about the Earth’s Pacific Plate destabilizing. Since then major earthquakes in Japan, New Zealand, Chile, the Philipines, Vanuatu, Mexico and the Gulf of California – and ongoing freakish weather including floods, tsunamis, tornadoes, volcanoes, cyclones, snowfall and cold have plagued the entire planet. That movie was 2012.

In fact the only part of the Pacific Plate not to have ‘acted up’ was the Cascadian Subduction Zone off the coast of Oregon, Washington and Northern California. This week’s NOVA on PBS focuses on the Japanese earthquake and its repercussions, particularly with an eye to this same thing happening in that area of the Northwestern U.S., one that is, they say, due for something along the same order of magnitude.

In the movie, 2012, the Pacific Plate moving is of course just a  precursor to the entire planetary outer layer sliding to a new position creating a worldwide cataclysm that basically takes civilization back to square one. This same scenario is spoken of by a number of people with regard to the sinking of Lemuria in the Pacific (particularly Churchward) and the sinking (in three stages) of the great Atlantean continent. Each of these have regressed ‘civilization’ back to a more primitive state except for those who planned for the coming event and were able to take forward the knowledge of the past and assist the population with starting anew. As Churchward himself says, civilization led to savagery, not the other way around.

“After the great flood there were not that many people left inhabiting the Earth, not that many who survived. Everything went back to a state of primitiveness as had not been seen on the planet for many thousands and thousands of years. It was like wiping the slate clean in order to begin again, and this is the way it was symbolically translated. The consciousness of much of civilization was lost as man struggled to stay alive in the primitive circumstances in which he found himself existing. . .”  (Where Were You before The Tree of Life? V2)

What we have seen in the past year or two has only been what some would call a precursor to the major event known as ‘the shift’. It’s not like Spirit/Guidance hasn’t been trying to warn us all of the coming events, but the more of these disasters that happen the more I see people retreating into a ball of their own little 3D paradigm worlds, seeking succor in the old Matrix that is the very thing that’s dying. They, of course, should be learning from what’s happened and use it to prepare for their own futures. Of course, being ‘human’, having that deep-seated knowingness that we are all eternal, we go through life thinking we’re invincible and that things can’t or won’t happen to us — until they do.

If nothing else, the rising cost and ‘scarcity’ of food stuffs, the constant destruction of our environment, the rising number of illnesses and diseases ( did you know autism is up 600 percent in the U.S. in the past 20 years?) should make us — not fear for our own safety and that of the ones we love — but should make us stand up and take note and work to change things or take precautions in our own lives. But no, like the Roaring 20s, it was a party of self-denial until the bottom fell completely out of the bubble. It’s no surprise that this week the news is that the housing market in the U.S. continues to sink, that the powers-that-be continue to impose an austerity program on the general public even while not calling  it that. Funny how we call it ‘an austerity program’ when referring to Greece, or the U.K. or to Spain or Portugal, but not when we talk about what’s going on inside the U.S.

The U.S. will be the next major catastrophe zone, on one side or the other, and not just in terms of the economy. That will signal an ongoing fall into complete chaos of both earth changes and human physical catastrophes. The warnings have been there for years now. A group of people and I used to get together back in the 90s and talk about planning for these days. They off course did not follow through. My Guidance has had me prepare but with the limited number of people who are ready THEY’re not beyond  considering clearing the planet and allowing IT to cleanse ITSELF before bringing a new life to the planet to help build something new.

THEY”re worried about the radiation problem from the Japan nuclear power station leaks. It’s more extensive than THEY had hoped. Now we think of God having everything under control but if that were so then that would erase all free will and any semblance of self-responsibility from life and we would all just be robots. Man has created a problem that is beyond what Spirit had envisioned for this planet. Some are meant to survive the Shift and build a new paradigm on the 5th dimensional world. If there are too few to complete that task, if radiation and other problems make it not worth having those people stay/survive, then there is always plan B . . that everyone leaves at this time, the planet cleanses itself of the filth we have infected it with, and then Earth is free to be resettled with a new race that is not so self-willed, that is not the product of an experiment gone wrong. It’s choice, one we’re all about to find out which one remains in the coming weeks and months before there is no turning back. 

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