The X Philes ‘You will believe’

Publisher’s Note: I was contacted by Randy Hall I few days back. He is a young filmmaker and has an ambitious but truly intriguing project concerning making movies and UFOs!  He requires that you read the letter below, which is his email to me and visit his website. I encourage you also. Dirk

Hello. My name is Randy Hall. I want to start out by saying that I’m a believer in the truest sense of the word. I know that there has to be some sort of life outside of our planet. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the existence of extra terrestrial life. Like many of you, UFOs and aliens have been a great passion in my life for a good while now. I recently graduated from film school and I’ve decided to tackle something that has been my passion project for a long time.

It started about two years ago. I was frustrated at the lack of quality films dealing with UFOs. I decided that I would make a short film that dealt with extra terrestrials with respect. After three months of writing I came up with something very special. What was on the page was something that was funny and dramatic while also being filled with action and spectacle. And on the page is where it sat for two years. The idea was just too big for me at the time.

Upon graduating in May I was looking for something to use as my calling card as a filmmaker. I wanted something that would be big and challenge me as a filmmaker. My UFO project instantly came to mind. The film encompasses several genres of film and is a big exciting picture with great characters and a cool premise. It follows a group of UFO hunters who are investigating a series of sightings in rural Virginia. They are joined by a skeptical reporter from a local newspaper who is doing a story on them. What follows is a conversation about what it is to believe that turns into an action packed race against time to get to a crash site before the government officials who are trying to cover it up.

I am writing this letter to ask for your help. With the size of the production, and the amount of visual effects in the film, the budget will be quite high. And while my producing partner and I are both working day jobs to raise as much of the budget as we can we simply won’t make enough in time. Therefore, we have opened up an account on the website The website is designed to help independent artists raise funds for their projects. My hope is that you will feel some connection to this project and want to help us out. I want to assure you all that I am approaching this film, and the subject matter, with tremendous respect. As I said, this is my passion project, and it has been in my head for the better part of two years so I am putting everything I have into it.

If you would like to help us out in any way please visit our page on at or you can search for x philes film in the search engine.

Thank you so very much for your time and keep watching the skies,

Randy Hall

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