As a child I attended a boarding school, which was located on a small island surrounded by the sea. Hayling Island, Hampshire, is a small populated island,situated in the South of England.

During the 1960s, a school friend and I entered a large closed off barb wired field, which contained a very large unmanned Electrical Power Station, adjacent to the sea. It was a bright Summers day. At the time, my friend and I were aged about eight years, we had been in this field before, just playing about, but this time there was something obviously different.

First we noted that there was a huge circle right in the field’s centre.The diameter of the circle must have measured appproximately between 30 to 40 feet. The circle’s rim line was about two inches wide, it was deeply embedded into the harden soil, the grass was black, burnt black. Within each corner of this circle were four burnt black circles, each measured aprroximately four feet in diameter….once again each of these four circles were deeply embedded into the hardened soil. The remaining grass within the overall circle space was yellow, dry and flattened….Though we were just young boys, we knew that what ever caused this huge circle must have been a considerable weight.

Another interesting observation I must raise, was the grass outside of the circle, it was about three feet high, lush and green. There were no tire marks and it was almost impossible to gauge how this circle was created. Finally we noted that the embankment, situated about twenty from the field, was severely singed and blackened.

Eventualy , later that day, we got back to my friend’s parent’s house, which was also situated on the North of the island. We told his parents what we had seen, having no idea what it was and how it got there, as there was no sign of anyone forcing their way through the barbed wired fence, which was the only way into the field.

My friend’s parents got really excitied and started talking about the horrendous noise during the early hours not from from their house…they even mentioned how their windows began to vibrate so much they thought a aeroplane was about to crash.

Then as I recall, my friend’s father produced a newspaper, The Portsmouth Evening News, reporting that two uniformed Police Officers were patroling at night the connecting bridge between the North of the Island and the mainland. They alleged to have sighted a large saucer shape UFO hovering for some time…..Well that surprised us but I soon forgot about it………until several years later.

I was now working and living in London, one Saturday I was listening to Radio London, they had a guest who happened to have written a book about UFOs behind what was then referred to as the Iron Curtain or Soviet Union. It happened to coincide with Stephen Spielberg’s film “Close Encounters”.

The UFO author told of a story, that took place in the early 1960s where a Russian peasant farmer was ploughing his field one day, adjacent to a large river. Some time later, when the farmer had not returned home for his afternoon meal, his wife went to fetch him, and found him lying by the edge of the river bank. He was unconcious. She ran to a neighbouring Russian Military base for help. When the farmer was examined by a military doctor, he found that the farmer had severe burns to his back and legs. The farmer was rushed to a Military hospital in Moscow where they had a Special Burns Unit…after some days, the farmer had recovered consciouness, though in severe pain, he told the doctors what had happened to him.

The farmer recalled that on the day of the incident, he was ploughing his field, when he sighted what resembled to be a large metalic saucer shaped object. He walked to the river embankment to get a closer look, as he did so he saw what looked like two tall men in silver fabric like spacesuits…..The farmer assumed they were Russian soldiers, from the nearby military base, on military maneuvers, testing out a new piece of military hardware. The farmer, thinking they were friendly, called out to them, waving to say hello. The next thing the farmer remembered was seeing a blinding beam of white light. The farmer was scared and began to run and felt a suuden impact…and that is all he could recall.

According to the UFO author, the farmer’s story was reported back to the Russian High Command, and they sent military investigators to the field opposite where the farmer was ploughing.

Now this is the part of my story that I felt had some element of credibility.

What the Russians found in the field where the farmer claimed he saw a UFO object, was a large circle, measuring between thirty to forty feet in diameter, with a deep embedded two inch black burnt line, with four inner circles, measuring approximately four feet in diameter, each deeply embedded and the grass burn black. whilst the remaining grass surrounding the four circles was flattened and yellow…The grass land outside of the large circle was tall and green, except for some intermittent singing in the surrounding area. There was no road access to this field, no tyre marks, nothing to explain what created these marking. However, the field was also tested for signs of radiation, and this proved positive. As a result of the radiation readings, the investigators returned back to the Moscow Military hospital, and tested the farmer for radiation reading on his injuries and his clothes, both proved positive…

If you recall, I was listening to the farmer’s story on my radio, I decided there and then to telephone the radio programme and ask to speak with the UFO author on air. It was my lucky day, the radio producer agreed, and I told him of how similar his farmer’s encounter with that of mine some years earlier, though i did not witness any UFO….The author responded very positively, and advised me that what I had seen as a young boy back on Hayling Island would be categorise as a Close Encounter of the Third Kind.

Well that would have been the end of my short story about UFOs. however, two weeks later, after my radio broadcast debut, I received a phone call whilst at work, from a man claiming to be from some kind of Government Agency, I cannot recall exactly what it was now, but he asked very politely if I would just answer some question with reference to my recent radio broadcast? At the time, I never gave it a second thought and answered all the questions I could…Its only now, retrospectively, I realised there were bigger implications to what I had seen and what I have experienced since the, but that is another story, and a true one at that.

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