To see is to believe!

In 1970 I was in the RAN and we were on patrol off the coast of Vietnam, it was approximately 0230 hrs.

Looking up into the sky which most of us do,whilst having a break during action stations, that I noticed, 3 objects.

Actual photograph of UFO taken during Vietnam War

Travelling at very high speed , way up in the atmosphere, the object in front, was trying to out run the 2 behind it.

Being a very bright moonlit evening,you could see the brightness in the heavens,The front object turned very fast to the left,into what looked like a huge cloud bank,the 2 chasing it followed in,then there was this big orange flash, and only one object came out of this strange cloud formation, and sped off at very high speed. What it was , was no shooting star,as they were turning left and right at very high speed.

As I watched this all happening, with high powered binoculars, they appeared to look like UFOs. Absolutely they were NOT jet fighters, as they were too high up in the atmosphere.

After it all finished i was stunned as i just couldn’t believe what i had witnessed. I asked the other guys had they saw, what just happened, and they said just forget about it, nobody would ever believe it. So we never mentioned it again. For me i can still picture it , to this very day, and i think about it very often, wondering, if i was just dreaming it. 25 years later whilst camping outside with my wife and son, in our backyard, we would all look to the sky to see what was going on,one night we were watching when this very bright white light came over us, and a blue light flashed and it shot off into the sky. We only speak of it now and again.

I have had more incidents, but don’t tell anybody as they just think you are stupid. I spent 9 years in the Military,and i saw many strange things, which some i can explain but others unsure of.

Publisher’s Note: I would like to thank Adrian for his service to his country and for contributing his story.


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