UFO Moscow Russia January 15 2011 roughly 9pm

UFO Moscow Russia, January 15 2011 21:15 (09:15pm)

Hi, I’m an American (native New Yorker) living and working in Moscow Russia. I don’t really follow any UFO news, so I’m not a hunter for these topics or things.

However, last night, walking from the metro (subway) to my housing complex, as we were walking, we saw a crowd of people standing in the neighboring field, looking into the night sky.

I thought they were peeping toms into the building. as we got closer, I decided to look further, and there in the very close distance, was this flying sphere… it was floating-hovering sporadically from left to right to right to left, stopping in mid air, and this “HUGE” ball of light, at times blinking from the top or bottom, as well as left and right sides…

Naturally the naked eye will see more. This is just a mere clip… It definitely was not a plane, or a jet, ie., not the headlights of them too, nor was it a helicopter with a huge projecting lamp, otherwise, you would see the light path of both..

This was a HUGE SPHERE of light, flying and stopping…

Click on the above photo to watch the video!

Kato Moscow Russia


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