UFOlogist’s Comment On The NY Times UFO Article: Part 1 by Greg Boone

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Part 1

UFOlogist’s Comment On The NY Times UFO Article:

NY Times Says National Interest in UFOs is “Waning”

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For the New York Times:

“No News That’s Fit to Print

 When Dealing with UFOs”

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The Editor of UFO Digest has selected 3 UFOlogists, Greg Boone (Part 1), Vince White (Part 2) and William Galison (Part 3) to reply to ”Out of this World, Out of Our Minds”by NY Times writer John Schwartz.  
In Parts 1 & 2, Greg and Vince share their views on the NY Times UFO articles merits and demerits with our readers, and in Part 3, Willexchanges personal views and thoughts with the writer.  

This is Part 1: 

“Someone hasn’t done his homework”

By Greg Boone

(Webmaster of UFO Mafia.Com) 

Well, after reading this article, it’s clear that (again) someone hasn’t done his homework:

”Out of this World, Out of Our Minds”

By John Schwartz


It’s rife with references to the Weekly World News as a “prime” source of UFO information yet doesn’t mention the fact the vaunted NY Times has pulled numerous blunders over the past century including a lack of focus on present day disasters such as the banking/credit crisis, the prolonged war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and more.

Coming from the newspaper that glowed and crowed that manned flight is impossible just a short time before the Wright Brothers’ historic achievement and 60 years later that placing men on the Moon was impossible.  But NASA and JPL showed them wrong, so this story isn’t going to raise an eyebrow (from me at least).

However it does point out data that I still feel to be important in that, in all these decades, no physical proof of any form that validates the ETH. It says that we should look at other sources until, if any, such solid physical proof emerges.

We do know some UFOs are beyond our present ability and or willingness to understand physics, we do know our own government spent untold millions investigating UFOs when they told the public otherwise, and we know foreign powers did the same. 

So the debate as to the sources of some UFOs continues, I’d say in contrast to this story the interest isn’t waning, at best it’s just on standby until something other than pictures and videos of lights and fuzzy objects, questionable documents, and anecdotal stories emerges.


Greg Boone


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