Unholy Experiment: Alien Greys and Soul Harvesting

Soul harvesting

In over four hours of extensive interviews, I discussed with author, Nigel Kerner and his colleagues, Dr. Andrew Silverman and Professor John Biggerstaff, the topic of the alien greys, soul harvesting and human abductions from the scope of millennia of genetic experimentation.

Soul harvesting

The implications of the alien phenomena encompass the scientific, historical, and spiritual realms. The programs that were coded into the robotic greys by ancient creators are an ongoing process to “soul scalp” humans for attainment of a spiritual ascendancy—a goal which soul-less, artificial creatures can never attain. The greys are non-sentient and totally unaware of their own state, thus their mission is void!

Humanity is a creation of spirit, launched from the Godverse into the universes where souls move through incarnation in the cycles of entropy. The great battle of all ages is spiritual, soul-incarnated humans versus soul-less dimensional entities who are bent on gaining access to the eternal “still” of the Godhead.

The great prophets and masters all warned of these beings, and communicated the means by which man could repel the entities by the force of a spiritual transfiguration. Those teachings were obscured, distorted, or removed by ALL the major religions, under the direction of the ETs and their human elitist sycophants.

As explained by Dr. Silverman, the Shroud of Turin contains compelling evidence of a human who transformed into pure energy and ascended back into the Godverse—an attainment defying the soul snatchers’ grand scheme to genetically harness soul migration.

“The whole UFO mystery centres, I believe, on the covert intention of these roboidal machines to harvest the most highly developed form of humanity on our planet and use them as mechanisms for hybridisation. This form was chosen from a selection of genotypes they made at the beginning of their experiments over two hundred thousand years ago.”-Nigel Kerner , “The Horde”

The closing arguments on the subject of the greys and the long term experiment on humanity. Nigel and his associates assert the warning… and the hope…for a humanity that is on the precipice of an historical decision.

Many in the ‘disclosure” and exopolitics lobbies want earthlings to accept the alien domination of mankind as destiny. Yet, shrouded in secrecy, abductees are silenced by the media, shamed by the general public, and continue to be assaulted, violated, and subjected to lifetimes of doubt and shattered memories.

Ancient history, science, and the records of major faiths point to the dangers posed by these soulless robotoids and their hidden masters. The pattern of the Master, the Christ, shows us we are far more than molecules and bio-matter: we possess the capacity to exist beyond the physical realm…the greys wish to soul scalp in a relentless pursuit of that which they can never obtain.

The time is coming when we WILL be confronted by the ETs…how we respond to the evidence presented will determine the future of our generations. The battle is spiritual, and humans possess the upper hand…IF they do not give it away. Case closed.

Exotica Radio Show Podcast-January 24, 2011-Randy Maugans with Nigel Kerner, Dr. Andrew Silverman, Professor John Biggerstaff. Download “Unholy Experiment” Part 4 of 4-part series.

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