Were The 1990s The Tragic ‘Lost Decade” For Disclosure?

The 9/11 attacks and the international conflicts that have enmeshed America in the last 10 years may have been averted by a more timely ‘disclosure’ process.

That is the controversial claim of writer Tony Brunt in his new book, “Secret History: And Why Barack Obama Must End It.” Brunt, a former newspaper journalist, says that the strategic calm of the 1990s offered an ideal opportunity for official disclosure of America’s worst kept secret, the UFO cover-up and alien liaison. Such a revolutionary public announcement would have had an enlarging cultural effect throughout the world that might have blunted violent religious fundamentalism.

Brunt says that with the collapse of communism in 1991 and the end of the Cold War the next decade offered an overdue window of opportunity for officialdom to end the decades-long conspiracy. “It cried out for action from a President with courage and an eye for the main chance,” he writes.
“From the final years of the 20th century the policy of suppression and isolationism begins to look less like prudent management and more like historical tragedy,” says Brunt in a provocative analysis in his book on the Scribd website. “These were the years when the linear flow of history cried out to be released from its man-made bottleneck. It was the crossroads where an alternative historical path for Earth unconstrained by conspiracy and rigid provincialism begins to look better than what actually happened. Precluded history was more attractive than the history we lived.”

A slow motion ecological catastrophe was unfolding, the economic system was rent with cracks, and religious violence was mushrooming. “It was no longer a healthy thing that our institutions and systems were being shielded from the wider context that galactic citizenship offered.”

Brunt’s thesis is that a narrow and violent fundamentalism that prescribes a single religious path for all at the point of a gun would not long survive the revelation that there were numerous other planetary populations, many of which were “visiting Earth on a regular basis and demonstrating an admirable spirituality and success that owed nothing to our creeds.” The end of the delusion that mankind was alone in the universe and somehow at the top of the heap would likely bring about a realization that religious conquest was a totally insupportable philosophy. An inward-looking planetary culture, of the type that had been artificially prolonged since the UFO crash-recoveries in the 1940s, had turned out to be a hot house for intolerant philosophies and unsustainable environmental practices.

Brunt also questions the benefits of ‘gradualism’ – the stance that Earth needs to evolve at its own pace without an open dialogue with ET’s. He sees a definite “value-added” potential in strong and official cultural contacts with the benevolent types described in much of the contactee literature. The alleged benefits to public order of planetary isolationism and the official head-in-the-sand approach were fictitious. “The Arab ‘spring’ of 2011 showed that sweeping, revolutionary movements that could change the face of nations and international relations could occur whether or not the planet was being exposed to winds blowing from elsewhere,” he writes. “Change is going to happen with or without phony policies of concealment.”

Brunt’s book is a hard-edged critique of the misguided decisions of the past but he still expresses optimism about the positive effects of disclosure occurring in the near term. A draft disclosure speech he has written for President Obama takes a tilt at the sustainability of violent philosophies: “We must not export into space those attitudes that have marred Earth’s history, and which continue today in acts of intolerance and violence around the planet. We are being called to a higher standard of behaviour as a species. This event [disclosure] comes as a ‘wake-up’ call for all those who think that we can continue to walk in the old paths of bigotry and confrontation.”

Brunt’s book is available as a pdf on free download from http://www.scribd.com/doc/58545710/Secret-History-And-Why-Barack-Obama-M…

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